Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mrs Goo makes lunch

Mrs Goo was off school today.
She was a little under the weather so I thought better safe than sorry.
Mr Goo was happy to trot off to Playgroup though, which I thought was pretty good.
I really thought I was going to have a fight on my hands when he realised that Mrs Goo was home but he had to go to school, but no, he was just as happy to say cheerio to her and go on in.

When we got home, I thought I would just get her to relax.
It seemed, yesterday that she did too much. So a slow start to the day seemed in order.
So I popped her onto the couch with the car DVD player and her choice of DVD.
Rapunzel, no, sorry
Tangled, of course!!
But it wasn't done by the time we collected Mr Goo, so they snuggled up together to watch the end.
Happy Goos!

Time for lunch and I wondered how Mrs Goo would fair, would she want any?
Turned out yes.
She wanted to prepare it.

Mr Goo decided 'Ham and Cheese and Crabstick's'
His daily shout!

Mrs goo said it needed 'pink dip dip'
(Prawn marie rose sauce to everyone else.)
She got everything she needed out of the fridge and even reached up to get the sauces from the cupboards.
When did she get so tall she could do that!? 
Mixed up her sauce, giving Mr Goo and running commentary as to how it was done.

So, you get the mayonnaise and you scoooop out some and put it in the bowl.
And then you squeeze........
You Squeeeeze out the................
Muuuummy! It is stuck.
Ok so you get the red dip dip squeezed out.
Then you mix them together, like this.

Oh, it's needs more red mummy.
So, see now it's the right colour.
Well, mine is a bit better than yours, Mr Goo, but it will do, I think.
Then you roooooll up the ham
and get another one and roooooll it up too.

I think we will need some cheese mummy
Can we have 5 pieces each?
1,..2,..3,..4,...5, perfect!

And open up the crabsticks,
put them in the bowls and... 
Here we are!

Now, Mr Goo, you go and sit down, on the mat, and I will be the waitress.
There you are.
 Mmmm, yummy
Mummy, can we have some telly?

Now how could I say no to that?