Sunday, 23 September 2012

Birthday Tea Party fun!

What can you do for party fun with your 6year old girl who is friends with 'everyone'?
I guess I coudl have contacted the local hall, hired out the bouncy castle, put on a spread, organised the games and the prizes.
Hang on... How much would all that cost?!
Then there are the party bags....
and, honestly, she is friends with everyone in her class of at least 17
Blimmin eck!
I just can't afford all that!

The last Party she went to was a Tea Party at a new cafe in town.
With only a handful of friends.
That would be fine, but I only have the one car, how would I get them all there?

For goodness sakes, this all just gets silly.....

So, a Tea Party at mine then?
Heavens, I can cook a few cakes, maybe throw in some savoury 
Lovely Mrs Goo shamefacedly told me that she had mainly eaten cake at the last Tea Party. Poor love, she did make me smile when she confessed, big blue eyes downcast.

So the idea was set.
I was so excited once I had the plan, lots of spin off ideas began to flood into my head.
Firstly, I had to make invites.
Left to the last minute, it is my way, Thursday evening, ready to hand out on the Friday the week before.

I searched the internet to find interesting wording to go with them.
I found Personalized Party Invitations who had one close, but I had to doctor it to fit to my DDs age.

Tea, Cupcakes and Biscuits
As we celebrate
Mrs Goo turning six

Biscuits, six? Close enough, right?

I was up until midnight making these babies, but I loved them!
So did the children, their mummies told me they each went home drinking their tea!

Mrs Goo also decided that the party was to be a Princess Party though it wasn't on the invites 
I had to speak to all the mummies concerned 
but was pretty sure that Mrs Goo had already spread the word ;o)
So, on the day, she had to have her princess hair.
Tea Party Hair

Tea Party Hair
 The evening before, I made up some big pom poms with cupcake cases, to make my table to pretty
And the table was set!
The table is set for ceramic painting crafts
 All the cups lined up, each with their own tea cup on a stick, with their name printed, by Mrs Goo
This caused great excitement when they were discovered!
Before the day I had also painted their names on the bottom

Made by Mrs Goo's Friend
--- <3 ---
Mrs Goos 6th Birthday

That way they will always remember, if the mugs survive ;o)
Ceramic Painting
 As soon as the last guest arrived they descended upon the table with glee!
Thank goodness for hubs, pitching in to help dish out the paint colours!
ceramic painting

ceramic painting
 This little guest was so pleased with his.
Isn't it amazing!
ceramic painting, last men standing
 As soon as the first left, the others followed suit pretty quick, except for this one and Mr Goo
So proud of his ceramic painting
 Another happy customer!

Time to clear the decks and get the food set out.
Again, my lovely hubs and one of the guests helped out with this.
How lovely!

Tea Party display
This was the bit I was looking forward to.
This plate set arrived, at my mums, just last night!
Hubs had to dash in to collect it this morning.
Tea Party Display
Ta Ra, doesn't it look tasty!?
That's my little helper hovering in the background there.

Whilst I finished off getting the table set, Hubs called the (begining to get restless) children to the living room to open all the presents.
I always think it is nice for the children to see the presents being opened and so that the birthday girl can give her thanks. Don't you think?
So many parties they stack them to the side and leave it until after they have all gone.
I mostly make my own presents and there is nothing better than seeing the reaction when the colours, or the present itself, has be made to their own preference.
Then you have to quiz afterwards did they realise so much thought had gone in to it, did they like it....
Or am I alone in that one?

Aaaanyways, here she is showing just how much she loved them all!
They all got her some perfect presents, lots of lovely crafting things, which she just loves
can't think why ;o)

 Food's Ready!
Tea Party Display
 Ok, can I take a moment of smugness?
It looks pretty yummy to me!
Tea Party Display

Happy Birthday to you
 Singing 'Happy Birthday'
What a beautiful picture of Mrs Goo enjoying the attention.
Blowing out the candles

Enjoying the Tea Party
 I really think there might be fights when these boys are older, they both dote on Mrs Goo.

Last man eating! Tea Party devastation
 The scene of devastation!
I think everyone ate well.
A good balance, as far as I could see.

Another tidy up, more help from my little helper, whilst the rest played with Mrs Goo and her brother.
Once the table was set and the mugs ready,
with their extra tea cups on sticks, which had the directions for cooking their mugs at home,
We played some party games
The next thing I know it's time for home! 
Ceramic painting, works of Art"

Ceramic Painting, works of Art
 Aren't they brilliant!?
More Ceramic Painting
 As her guest started to leave, Mrs Goo took a few lingerers back to the table for more crafting.
This time with a set she had been given as a gift.
Imagine, being given a wee tea set to paint.
I don't know why I was so pleased with that for an idea, haha

Not long after that everyone had departed.

I had a Great time, I think everyone else did too.
Can I do it all again next year?
Or what can I do next year now?
Any ideas please leave comments. 

Birthday Girl