Tuesday, 22 May 2012


My Goos love a trip to the hairdressers.
It isn't a fancy one, doesn''t have one of those silly car chairs for entertaining the children
(though I hear that they are getting one in, mores the pity)
No, they just like to get their haircut.

I normally take the hot seat first
Well, they have to peruse the old toys first!
No idea why, they are old and there are only a few of them, 
even the hairdresser who brought them in sort of apologised for them, hehe
But they are Different toys, so that is enough for them.

But when it is their turn they will hop up onto that seat 
and sit very nicely to get their hair trimmed.

Mr Goo normally goes second
He can get distracted, but then, he makes her laugh so much 
with his antics that sometimes he can't help himself.
He is sitting very well for her here though.
Posing for mummy
Doesn't he look the picture of innocence?
I really like our hairdresser because she is so happy to chat to my two
and to stop, just so that she can giggle at them.
Mrs Goos turn this time
'Don't take too much! I want hair like Rapunzel!!'
Do children ever tire of these toys?
Funny how beads on wire are such a hit!
Ooh, I should show you the one at the bank!
It is HUGE!
I have to chase them out of there sometimes
Not a bad complaint though, could be worse, I could do my banking
with two whining children pulling at my hand to leave,
or clambering on the seats undoubtedly irritating my fellow queueing companions
(Yes, that would be the other bank)
Yes, our hairdresser is, again, giggling away at my posing pair.
But they do take a good pic, don't they?
Just Mrs Goos fringe to do, them we will see her beautiful eyes again.

Yup, we do like a trip to the hairdressers.
Simple things, eh?
.  .

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nothing beats a great swing park!

No visit to our swimming pool is complete without a trip to the best swingpark in town!
They love the bucket swing but will patiently take their turns.
Mrs Goo likes to use the workout equipment.
It just helps to emphasise how little she still is.

Roundabouts are still the best though.
This time there were some older children hanging around them 
when Mr Goo decided he wanted a turn.

It was so lovely that, as soon as he came near they immediately dispersed, 
save one, who then leaned in to spin it for him.
How lovely was that?

Do you know how many people I meet that say 
'och, we want to move south. There just isn't as much for the children to do up here.'
I don't get it?
They obviously aren't looking in the right places, or just aren't making enough of what is available
I think my wee county has so much to offer.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Zoo Lab came to school

There are many reasons why living so far away from a city means that you lose out on certain opportunities.
It used to be that once a month or so my mum and I would undertake the 200 mile round trip to our nearest city for a shopping session, but the advent of the internet means that this isn't as necessary as it used to be.

But, now and again, you wonder what you could do if you were closer.
Maybe one of those fancy pools with the slides?
I can't remember when I last got to go ice skating.
I have been learning BSL (british sign language) and I know that the city offers more 
in the lines of practising/learning more.

But then something like this happens.

Zoo Lab Comes to our School

The benefits are that People travel to us, and we get almost a better experience for their efforts.
An African Snail
Mr Goo was brave enough to touch this one.
Um, not too sure.......
eeeek! A cockroach!!
Brave boy.
Not so brave girl, do you notice that she could not get her chin any further into her chest?
Poor love
A Spider!!
It wasn't allowed out of the box.
Thank Goodness.
I tell the children that they are not scary at all but.......  shivers
Oh now, I forget what this is
But Mr Goo wouldn't go near it.
By this point you can see he is losing interest
Funnily there were a lot of brave souls for this one.
Even the Playgroup leader put out her hand for it to walk on
See, I told you he was a brave little boy
I got my turn after this.
Mrs Goos class came in after Playgroup and Nursery were finished but she said she didn't hold this one.
I told her that she should have, it just felt like a very small hairbrush being lightly dragged over your hand.
Try it, it's true.
So I did it to her and then she wished she had been brave enough.
A Corn Snake called .........................
wait for it...............
I thought that was clever!
It felt warm and soft.
Huh, who would have known.....................

Spread across three brave hands.
Clever girls.

You show my Mr Goo how it is done
But no, it skipped straight past him, with his attempts to merge his chin to his chest.
Silly boy
She let him loose
No there was not pandemonium
He was actually very slow.

You see. How fab is that.
Lots of these children may never have had the chance to see these wee creatures, 
nevermind get the chance to hold one of feel it's back.
I bet there are lots of children who live in these cities, or near them, who never get this chance 
or whos parents just never quite get round to it.
yet, because we are rural, we have people who are willing to come that extra mile 
(or 100) to let us experience it all too.

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I love living in the very back of beyond

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 4 May 2012


Mr Goo was given a Cars Sticker book from Granny.
I never know what to do with the stickers inside, do you?
I suppose you could stick them in the book they came with but they don't really fit.
You could spread them around the house. I remember my brothers bedroom door having Weetabix characters stuck on it for Years and years.
I think my parents finally sanded them back in the last few years.
I have tried to discourage them from doing that to our doors, 
I am constantly of a mind that this is Not my forever home 
so I don't want to have children's stickers defacing the doors.

So you can imagine my reaction when I walked into the Goos bedroom to discover
Though I do have to admit they have done a great job. I kinda like how it looks.
But it had to come off.
I very carefully started to try to peel them off so that my wall was not ruined 
and neither were the precious stickers.

But now what??

Honestly, what do you do with stickers???

Ah Ha!
I spy a library book bag.
So the children and I got to work making the bag look beautiful.
I had to make sure that they didn't feel that I didn't appreciate their artistic efforts, 
just that they had to be used on something other than my walls!
I think it is going to look great!