Monday, 30 April 2012

I LOVE Herring Bones!

Love Love loving Herring Bone Plaits!

Plus, we got a new Topsy Tool at the weekend.
 I just could not help myself, I had to use it.
So, voila, a loveheart!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Crowning Glory

I can't help it, I am hopelessly addicted to Cute Girls Hairstyles
This time we have tried out the Braided Crown 

 A few lumps and bumps in the back

 But not bad for a first attempt, I think.

We decided to 
Ok I should stop myself there,
I decided to jazz it up a little with some diamante pins I had in the bottom of our hair accessory bag.

Pretty huh?

Mrs Goo said that it would be really nice if it had half the hair down and that she would like it that way next time.
So Easter Sunday and I figured what the hey.
It worked out really well.
Shame I forgot to take a pic!

Just have to do it again, won't I ;o )

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Visiting a friends Farm

We were lucky enough to be invited to a friends Farm

No words necessary for this one. A great day was clearly had.

Joining in over at Country Kids
What did you do this week?

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Messy Church

Another Easter activity.
And some would say that there is nothing to do up here in the back of beyond.
Huh? I think there is SO much to do!!

Ok this one is a regular thing and, for some, it being a church based thing might be off putting.
Not for me.
or for Hubs.
Lookit! He came too!
And not for the first time either. He had taken Mr Goo along to a previous one last month
 because Mrs Goo had not been well. He had enjoyed it well enough that, 
when I suggested he come along this week, he didn't even bat an eye, just simply agreed.
Aw, I love that man, you know!

And you know, he comes along to so many things that, it seems most men avoid.
For instance, he never had any qualms about taking both our children to Toddler groups, 
whenever he had time off work or was on his holidays.
He was happy to take them to a Messy Play group that ran for a while.
And jumps at being a parent helper at the Playgroup be it in the playgroup itself or out and about on visits.
In fact I think he has been on more visits that I have!

See, Love 'im!

Oops, sorry got distracted there.
So, where was I?
Oh yes, Messy Church.

This weeks theme was, of course, Easter.
The lovely lady in charge told us about the story of Jesus, in words appropriate to the children, 
to help them understand. 
She emphasises a few points that then help the children focus on what the crafts they are offered symbolise.

This week was mainly eggs.
Representing the rolling away of the stone to the burial chamber that Jesus was not in 
the morning after he had been placed there.

So there was the normal, colouring table with the appropriate images to colour in.
Mrs Goo was off like a shot!

Mr Goo joined her for a bit, but really, he likes to get messy!
So he made his way to another table where they had provided eggcups for the children to decorate.
Yeah! Paint all over the boy, happy Mr Goo!!

Look at that little face concentrating hard!
Mrs Goo had to be talked off the drawing table to come and decorate her cup, 
but you just know that if Mr Goo had gone home with a cup, she would have been gutted.

So much more careful, but none the less concentrating hard
But here is where Mr Goo had Fun!

Paper eggs had been cut out for the children to place in the biscuit box.
At first I just thought it was to contain the mess.
But no.............
Inside the box, or within the plate of paint, were Marbles
You covered them in paint, dropped them in the box and.........
shake a shake a shake A
Oh did Mr goo get on a roll with this one
(on a roll ;o ) gett'it? O, I am funny!)

He enjoyed the shaking, and dipping and shaking and re dipping so much the paper was soaked!
So I would take another egg, to take a print of the one in the box,
to soak off some of the paint...............
We ended up with about half a dozen eggs!

So, what are you gonna do with half a dozen, nearly A4 sized eggs?
Ah, sure, just display them, for the world to see, in your front window.
Of course!!

Hope your Easter has been as lovely as mine!?

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Monday, 9 April 2012

Sock Curls

Still love love Loving the Adopt a Do website
Last night we had/Mrs Goo was desperate to have a go at Sock Curls
 On our first attempt, we did as Mindy suggested and only used 2 pairs of socks, 4 curls.But, for us, it was too much hair and not enough curl.
next time we did 3 curls down the back on her head and two at the sides.
And even then, I think I will increses it to 4 down the middle and one each side.
 Mrs Goo did feel a little silly to have my socks in her hair.
 These are the curls, straight out of the socks, with a little separation as I release each curl.
And this was with using 5 socks (not 5 pairs, mind, just 5 socks)

Then I couldn't resist trying the pancake braids.
 Aren't they just gorgeous!?
 I think I may have skipped the bit about how to secure them, and how to hide the flyway ends, but I tend to get too excited about trying the new style, by the time it is coming to the finer details.
Putting in those socks, took about as much time as it would normally take to braid her hair for the night, which is something I do every night anyway.

So I can definitaly see us doing this a good many times!
Thank you Mindy!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

We went on a Bear Hunt today, in the local Forest.
We're going on a Bear Hunt
We're gonna catch a big one!
What a beautiful day!
actually, it's not, it's pretty rubbishy and wet, but who cares!
We're not Scared!!

We went past the Splishy Splashy river.
Through the 
Swishy Swashy grasses
and the      Wooooo Woooooo
snow storm.

Then we came to a cave.
I see the bear's cave!
It's over there!
 Are you sure?
 Lets go in!

 Hmm, no bear in the cave.
Lets keep walking.
The Ranger thought she heard something over here.
What is that, in the distance?

Is it? Could it be??

I think it might be, you know

Aaaah!! Run Away!!!

Friendship is........
Running away from the bear together.
 The Ranger had another idea though.
She told all the children what bears like to eat, gave them wee bags 
and asked could they go look for food to keep the bear happy.

This is a 'table' full of 'food' to give to the bear.
 The bear seemed to be quite pleased with our offerings, so we said cheerio to him and made our way back through the woods.

 We brought a friend of Mrs Goos along, but it was mainly Mr Goo who stuck by her like glue. 
 We met up with another friend of Mrs Goos from school, what a lovely picture this is.

Joining in with Coombe Mill Country Kids blog hop this week.
Hit the link below to see what others have been up to in the great outdoors!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Egg Decorating

We booked into the local Rangers to join in their easter egg decorating session.
We arrived on time, pretty good going for us ;O )
Found ourselves a place to sit and waited for the nod to get going.
The Ranger gave a wee intro talk , during which Mrs Goo sat ever so well,
with her notebook and pen in front of her.

taking notes
Mr Goo chose himself a birds eye view
 Getting going.
Mr Goo completely plastered his egg with paint!
 Here are our efforts.
Mrs Goo is finishing off a base for her egg (which is the one in the middle)
The two on either side are for growing cress in.
We gave them hair feathers at the back.

Putting in their seeds.

  Mrs Goo, just had to try our that birds eye view too! 

I couldn't resist this pic. Poor Mrs Goo (mean old mummy!)
Waiting to gather around the table that they set all the decorated eggs onto 
so that they could take a promotional pic.

Haha, managed to get a nice smile from Mrs Goo, but a grumbly one from Mr Goo.
Ah well.
Loving our first week of holidays!