Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday

Ok so he is tea leaving from my fridge, but he does look pretty good doing it, hehe
 All Tescos best. The shirt came with a very funky black knitted waistcoat. 
I add it to his to his outfit when I want him to look smarter.

Joining in with Trendy Toddlers Tuesday over at Mummys Busy World
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Last day of January. Was yours fun?

We had Fun!

I started my day getting my fringe sorted out, what mess it was in.
But discovered, as I dropped Mr Goo into Playgroup, that is was my turn to Stay and Play.
I love Stay and Play! :o (
But I was done getting my hair fixed, by 10am so I dashed back to the school to catch the last hour.
Soooo glad I did!
Lots of the children came up to me and seemed really happy that I was there.
It felt so Good!

oh, oh, hang on! This is breaking news!
We Walked to school today!
We Never walk to school in the morning because I am a rubbishy morning person.
( My bed Loves me. It just won't give me up, it can't be helped. It really isn't my fault)
But today? Today we did it. Aaaand I didn't shout! woohoo!

So after a fabby morning, Mr Goo and I had a relaxing afternoon.
Until I realised that we had a busy afternoon/evening to come.

1445 - pick up Mrs Goo from school
1500 - Finally leave the school after Mrs goo takes forever to organise herself and her gubbins
1515 - Go to a friends house for a meet (yes, so that I can Talk talk talk!) and play
1700 -1730 get home
1800 - We have the local church minister coming round to meet us
1900 - bed time for the Goos

Can anyone spot anything missing from this itinerary?
Oh my Goodness! Dinner. How the heck was I going to get that slotted in??

1330, just over an hour until we have to collect Mrs Goo.
Right, so, dinner. EEk!
Quickly ran out to the garage to see what we have.
Defrost some mince, boil up some tatties and make a cottage pie that 
Hubs can put in the oven for us to come home to.  Genius!

During the following hour, Mr Goo and I put Caro Emerald on,to boogie to 
and I got stuck into some serious cooking.
Not to add pressure to myself or anything but I decided that I ought to take some cake with me to my friends. That's ok I made some orange cupcakes yesterday (OMGoodness, How good are they!?) 
so, good to go.
yes, but what about our guest tonight?
Oh lordy, I better make some more.
Thats ok, I have some left over mix in the fridge.
Oh crumbs, it isn't enough!
Righto, better throw some together and throw it on top of what I have.

So, in the time I had. I made the pie, cleaned the dishes, had a scoot around to tidy up a bit, made cupcakes, mixed up the icing for them and had the cupcakes cooling.
Actually I was invigorated!

The Goos had a fantastic time at their friends house, 
although her eldest was under the weather : o(
Her youngest though, was on top form. 
She had me singing to her, jumping games were going on.
But, eventually, I sneezed and she turned into a frog.
Her way of casting spells with her wand, 
which was millimetres from being a solid wack on my head, 
sounded very much like a sneeze to me  ;o )    
So I sneezed back and wadya know, she turned into a frog!

We headed home a little after 5 which , by the way, was pretty good self control for me ; o)
Dinner was enjoyed by all. Hubs exclaimed over it, so he can come again anytime.

Having the minister round was interesting.
He is a brilliant man. Both Hubs and I have been struck by him and 'the way he tells em'
We are new to his congregation, I am still trying to decide if I can or want to turn my back on my Catholic upbringing. So it feels a bit like I am being dishonest by entertaining him at all.
But those are my demons and I am working on them.
For the moment, with him, I feel relaxed and at peace with my spirituality.
That's enough for me.
The only fly in the ointment is that we are the only young family and ,
 therefore, the Goos are the only children so what to do for their education?
It sounds as if it is down to me. But I am not too worried by that.

As I type I can hear the Goos chattering away in their bedroom having a rare old time of it.

So, for a last day of the longest month.
I think we did ok.

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ShowOff Showcase
I was really proud of this one, it was all straight from the head to the page.
Readable or just too much, you tell me.

Begging, I really do Love comments :O )

Monday, 30 January 2012

No Mummy, we have to tidy up first!

Mrs Goo went out to her Zumba class tonight. Her favourite after school activity.
As she was leaving, Mr Goo and I were waving from the window, he asked if he could get Ceebeebies now.
I agreed that he could once we had had a tidy up and he had brought his jammies downstairs.
Surprisingly he agreed with this for a plan, even though it was only 530. But hey ho, he can't tell the time yet.

We finished waving Mrs Goo away.
I said 'Ok, up you go to get your jammies, then we can watch Ceebeebies.'
'No!' he replied,' We have to have a wee tidy up first.'

How do you like that. I am in no doubt that this will all change as he gets older but, for now, I was impressed!

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Saturday is Caption day

Joining in again this week with Mamasaurus Saturday is.....Caption Day
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Foodie Friday

 Yesterday I discovered Foodie Friday over at Maris World
I loved the look of her low cal blueberry muffins but thought I might tempt some with my 
Devils Food Cupcakes

1/2tbsp lemon Juice or vinegar
110ml / 4fl oz Full-fat Milk
110g / 4oz Plain Flour
1/2tsp Bicarbonate of Soda
25g / 1oz Cocoa Powder
55g / 2oz unsalted Butter
125g / 4 1/2oz Caster Sugar
1 Large Egg

First put the lemon or vinegar into the milk an set aside to sour

Cream the butter and half the sugar together
Mr Goo mixing away!
Action shot!

Then beat in the egg and the rest of the sugar 

Have you seen one of these whisks?
They are great. You just push the handle up and down and the whisk twists.
I got it a a county show in Aberdeenshire but I have no clue what it is called but it is great to get the children involved in the cooking because it is like a toy but it really works. Light and fluffy mixes.
Ok more often than not I use the electric one, but this one is nice for a change.
Now in goes the flour, cocoa powder and bicarb.
The instructions say a third at a time, alternating with the soured milk.
I totally forgot that, added about a third then the rest, got a dry mix, wondered why. Then added the milk in one woosh.
Still. Looked ok to me.
I made sure not to beat to much air out of it.

Into the cases about 2/3 full.
Then pop into the oven for about 20-25 mins.

I always let mine cool a bit in the tin. It helps to keep the squishy.

Forgot the camera thoughout the icing bit

125g / 4 1/2oz Plain chocolate (broken up)
pinch of salt
1 1/2tbsp Caster Sugar
150kl / 5fl oz Soured Cream

I used half because the full recipe is just too much. You would have as much icing as cake!

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over simmering hot water. Did you know that cheap chocolate burns if you do it over boiling water? I didn't know that until christmas just past. Most frustrating when you are not in your own kitchen, using your own equipment and your BIL is watching you make a cake as his christmas pressie. With your sister laughing at you in the background.

Aaaanyway, sorry about that rant.

One the chocolate is melted, whisk in the caster sugar, salt and soured cream.
Leave to cool for a bit ( I popped mine in the fridge. Yes I am that impatient!) because, at this point it is very runny.

Then spread over your yummy cooled down cakes
What do you think?
Don't they just look scrummy!!

I am adding this to Maris World linky, even though I am a day late. So nip over and see what else people have been making.

Now I am off to make those blueberry muffins for Hubs. Maybe if they are low cal, he will eat them.

Mind you. Today he is making himself a blueberry cheesecake. All by Himself!!
Should I take pics ;0)

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Meet the infamous O'Malley (the alley cat)!

For Mrs Goos 4th birthday we got her a kitten (ok, that was just an excuse and convenient timing. I really wanted a cat!!)
We actually got a brother and sister but sadly our little Tabitha was knocked down at just 6 months :o(
But O'Malley, the most friendly little cat I have ever known but also the most daft, I really didn't expect him to be with us much longer than Tabitha. His favourite haunt was the shop over the reasonably busy road. Luckily for us they fell for his timid nature and were not cross with his little visitations.

He once jumped into a friends car, it was just as well she spotted him before she set off.

Before he was a year old we were told, by countless people, that they had enjoyed a lovely walk around the  harbour with the imitable O'Malley.
Even Dog walkers!
Yesterday we had company on our walk to get Mrs Goo from school, it has been a while since he has done this so Mr Goo was over the moon with the excitement. He kept swiveling himself round to make sure we were still being followed.

One Boy and his Cat
I wonder what they are looking at?

 Lounging around waiting for school to finish. At this point I was sure that he would just get fed up and wander off home. Especially when Mr Goo and I went inside to get Mrs Goo.
Oh yes, and after Primary 1&2 traipsed over from the Gym (one girl went straight to him and hissed in his face) But O'Malley was sure that this was the place he wanted to be.
This is the window at the back of the cloakroom. O'Malley sat and watched as all the girls organised themselves. Que squeals of delight and questions of 'Whos is that cat!?' , 'Is it yours!?' , 'Whats its name?'
 He moved to the next window to watch them all leave. Waiting for a stroke from Mrs Goo.
As soon as he saw the children head off across the school yard he leapt off to chase after them at a lick!

All the way home he would lag behind, chase after us to leap ahead and repeat the process all the way home.
His being there, along with Mrs Goo, encourage Mr Goo to run home, without any tears.
Pretty impressive when you think that Every day last week was a torment to Mr Goo to be Made to walk or scooter. Basically Not taking the car was enough to send him into a spin that lasted the full 10-15 min walk, plus the whole wait and then half way home was filled with screaming.
But not so with the inclusion of one O'Malley : o D

Monday, 23 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Last week this was our menu.

Monday - Chicken, Cheese wrapped in bacon, Home made chips (oven baked), Peas
Tuesday - Honey Pork Chops with Mash, Sweet Potato Mash and peas
Wednesday - Fish ( I know we have some in the freezer but, right now it is too darn cold outside to go check what it is. But it will be some sort of fish anyway)
Thursday - Cottage Pie with peas
Friday - Homemade Pizza, BBQ chicken.
Saturday - Italian Ragu with Tagliatelle. Blueberry Cheescake! DH shouted.
Sunday - Well, DH does like to do a Roast. I think I may just let him do it again. ;o)

What we actually did

Monday - Chicken, Cheese wrapped in bacon, Home made chips (oven baked), Peas
Tuesday - Oatmeal Herring with wee Roasties and Peas
Wednesday - Honey Pork Chops with Mash, Sweet Potato Mash and peas
Thursday - Hubs and I just Cannot remember!!
Friday - Nope, still no clue but it was definitely off menu.
Saturday - Steak pie with baked potatoes. Chocolate Brownies with Oreos
Sunday - Special Chow Mein from the chinese. Yum!

So we don't seem to do very well with out planning. Seem not to be following the plan come mid week.

Shall we try again...
Yeah sure, why not.
I did like it at the beginning of the week, but when you are a one for grabbing the bargains from the supermarkets when ever you are in, things change.
But, as long as hubs is happy to make it, I am happy to bend round set menus.

Here we go anyway

Monday - Cottage Pie (yes the one I Didn't make last week, but the mince is out this time!)
Tuesday - Mr Goos Choice - Sausages, mash and gravy
Wednesday - Robbie Burns. It will have to be Haggis and Tatties (Oh hang on! That was either Fridays or Thursdays meal last week!) Oh well, I like it so will just do it again.
Thursday - Mrs Goos choice  - Pizza!
Friday - Chilli and Baked Potatoes
Saturday - Hubs Cheat meal - Hamburgers!
Sunday - Homemade Fish Pie, yum!

Do you think I will stick to it?
Um possibly not, but it does help to have a vague idea what I am doing from one day to the next! haha

As always, more plans to see over at At Home with Mrs M

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Saturday Is ...Caption Day

Mammasaurus holds a Saturday Caption day linky.
You post up a pic and leave others to make up the caption.
So, what do you make of this one?

To see others, click on the picture below.

Want to join in? Add your link here.

Happy to lend a hand

There are certain things that I think my children are capable of that I expect them to do.
One of those is hang up their coats and put away their shoes as soon as we come home.
They now do it automatically whenever they come home.
Happily taking responsibility for their own belongings. 

OK so Mr Goo can only put his shoes into this box but can't replace it where it came from and he can't really hang up his coat without help, but he tries. He knows what he ought to do.
And enjoys doing it.
Mrs Goo is very good at tidying away her toys and I am trying to encourage both the children to only take out one or two toys instead of the entire cupboard or drawer. This works to varying degrees :o)
Of course, like most children they clamber to 'wash 'the dishes and 'help' me cook and bake.
When they are finished their meals they always bring their plates/bowls to the sink and drop them in. Unfortunately it means I have a few chipped bowls now after they dropped them from too high. Now they lower them in, to the best of their abilities. After dinner I quite often hand Mrs Goo a cloth to clean up the table ( I have to re do it, obviously, but she feels she has done her part in tidying and clearing).

Mr Goo is In Love with the washing machine, always has been. If he hears me put a wash on after he has gone to bed, he has been known to be Very upset about it.
I have to save it until the morning so that he can load the machine.
He can even put in the powder, complains if I put in the conditioner, and then programmes the machine to the correct programme and turns it on.
Yesterday he donned the marigolds to deal with the whites!

Maybe I expect too much of them. I know, at times, I do.
My little Mrs Goo is just so grown up. Now and again, I have to remind myself that she is only 5.

But my logic is that it is important that they take responsibility for their things and that they learn to help around the house.
Can't be a bad thing, can it?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Oh dear. Already I am falling behind. I really need to get myself to bed but I suddenly realise that it is Thursday, time for

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I have actually had quite a good day. Lots of reasons to be cheerful just in one day, I think.
I had planned to take Mr Goo to his favourite thing Ever, his Music class.
He loves it, I totally love it!
But the weather was bad and, taking the children to school in the car, I had a wee slide which sent a fear right through me so I decided there was No Way I was going to try to get up the back road that takes me to the hall where the class was.
I managed to talk Mr Goo into going into Playgroup instead. Not an easy task. Once he has his mind set on something it is really hard to get him to change it, especially when it is at the last minute.
But today, he did.
So I got my morning to myself.

Today I made something!
It feels like forever since I sat at my sewing machine and the pressure has been building up, but I have been putting it off. 
But today, I finally finished off the wee notebook that someone ordered before christmas but assured me there was no rush for.
Does anyone else do that?
If there is no pressure, you just keep putting it off.
I am so bad for that.
So, finally getting it done today was just so Gooood.

Mrs Goos very best friend came round this afternoon. It has been so long since he came for a visit that I was worrying that he had lost interest in her.
But he was very excited to walk home with us, as was Mr Goo. He just Loves it when a friend comes round. 
Actually, both the Goos love a visitor. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get parents to agree to their children coming over!
They had a great time ransacking the house!
But they were also very good at tidying away, when I asked them to.
Our little visitor even helped me to tidy away the massive amount of train track we have, in just the way I like it 
(It really is the only way it will go in the box, but yes, I am a tad anal about it).
When his mummy came to collect him, he heard her voice and all of a sudden the children dashed to hide and he leaped up and clambered into the toy cupboard!!
I didn't even know it was big enough to fit a child in it, but hey, there you go!

So pretty good day really and that was after having the men round to assess our claim for a new garage door. 
We will not be getting it on home insurance :o(
Huge blow.
All our carefully stashed away Christmas Bonus will now be going on a new garage door where it might have gone on.................
oh I don't know, something better than a garage door anyway :o)

Oh well. I will be focusing on the fact that we have a Christmas Bonus that can pay for the door and that the rest of the day was a pretty good one.

Hey, Thanks Mummy From The Heart this has been really good this week.
See you next week :o)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Making 'Pudding Drink'

My two absolutely love a 'Pudding Drink' for a dessert. They have no idea that it is an incredibly healthy choice. We are happy to keep them in ignorance.
 So here we have the ingredients for this fabulous treat!
Frozen Blueberries
Frozen mixed fruits (melons and grapes)
Fresh Banana
a Frozen Frube
Semi Skimmed milk (see, healthy!)
and the all important ingredient, the thing that makes it 'Theirs', their leftover milk from dinner!
 In goes their milk
 I like this pudding because they like getting involved with the making and there is no mess! Bonus!
Mrs Goo gets to practise her cutting skills.

We are happy to let the children eat with their fingers, for the most part, my figuring is that as long as they are enjoying their food who cares how it gets to their mouths. They won't still be using their fingers as adults.
What is far more important, to me, is that they don't associate eating food with mummy screaming 'Hold your cutlery properly!'

Though they are told, 'Sit nicely','Please face your dinner.' and 'Anyone who leaves the table (unless for the loo) gets no pudding'
For me, it means I have children who will sit nicely, for the most part, and stay there until we are all done.
Mostly, I can take them places and not be embarrassed.

 Adding the finishing pieces

 They both wanted to turn it on, but the minute they did they both yelled and did this........
They have heard this machine on many occasions, but hey :o)
 Two Happy customers!


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday

Time for a cosy walk to the shop.
Check out Mr Goos accessories.

Sporting a funky Deer Stalker hat (Matalan, would you believe?)
A, very fashionable Stripey scarf, a present from Granny and Grandad N (I think it is Tesco best, could be Asda, either way we love it!)
And, in this weather, the obligatory snow boots (DE shoes)
Oh, the coat is also new, Granny and Grandad N kitted both the children out in their winter coats and accessories this year. We are very lucky to have such generous family.


What is everybody else wearing today, click on the link and lets go have a look.


Monday, 16 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Here we are again.
How did you guys get on with your plans? Did you follow them through, to the letter?
I did ok, I guess. Couple of day changes on some of the meals, but DH was away when I wrote my plan and he is normally chief cook in this house, so I knew things would get altered when he came home ;o)
Mind you, looking over at it now. The only thing I missed was the chilli beef baked potatoes.
So that will just have to be added on here for this week.

Monday - Chicken, Cheese wrapped in bacon, Home made chips (oven baked), Peas
Tuesday - chicken
Wednesday - chicken
Thursday - Mince n' Tatties
Friday - chicken
Saturday - Cheat meal. Ragu ?
Sunday - chicken

DH  got a hold of the computer.
gee thanks for all the thought Hubs.

SO, really

Monday - Chicken, Cheese wrapped in bacon, Home made chips (oven baked), Peas
Tuesday - Honey Pork Chops with Mash, Sweet Potato Mash and peas
Wednesday - Fish ( I know we have some in the freezer but, right now it is too darn cold outside to go check what it is. But it will be some sort of fish anyway)
Thursday - Cottage Pie with peas
Friday - Homemade Pizza, BBQ chicken.
Saturday - Italian Ragu with Tagliatelle. Blueberry Cheescake! DH shouted.
Sunday - Well, DH does like to do a Roast. I think I may just let him do it again. ;o)

oh, I forgot my Chilli beef baked potatoes, oh well, that is a reserve, maybe that will be my friday treat instead.
And I Still cannot get fresh Corn on the Cob. Even went to the next town over and no luck.
Boo :o(

Go see more meal plans At Home with Mrs M