Thursday, 19 January 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

Oh dear. Already I am falling behind. I really need to get myself to bed but I suddenly realise that it is Thursday, time for

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
I have actually had quite a good day. Lots of reasons to be cheerful just in one day, I think.
I had planned to take Mr Goo to his favourite thing Ever, his Music class.
He loves it, I totally love it!
But the weather was bad and, taking the children to school in the car, I had a wee slide which sent a fear right through me so I decided there was No Way I was going to try to get up the back road that takes me to the hall where the class was.
I managed to talk Mr Goo into going into Playgroup instead. Not an easy task. Once he has his mind set on something it is really hard to get him to change it, especially when it is at the last minute.
But today, he did.
So I got my morning to myself.

Today I made something!
It feels like forever since I sat at my sewing machine and the pressure has been building up, but I have been putting it off. 
But today, I finally finished off the wee notebook that someone ordered before christmas but assured me there was no rush for.
Does anyone else do that?
If there is no pressure, you just keep putting it off.
I am so bad for that.
So, finally getting it done today was just so Gooood.

Mrs Goos very best friend came round this afternoon. It has been so long since he came for a visit that I was worrying that he had lost interest in her.
But he was very excited to walk home with us, as was Mr Goo. He just Loves it when a friend comes round. 
Actually, both the Goos love a visitor. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get parents to agree to their children coming over!
They had a great time ransacking the house!
But they were also very good at tidying away, when I asked them to.
Our little visitor even helped me to tidy away the massive amount of train track we have, in just the way I like it 
(It really is the only way it will go in the box, but yes, I am a tad anal about it).
When his mummy came to collect him, he heard her voice and all of a sudden the children dashed to hide and he leaped up and clambered into the toy cupboard!!
I didn't even know it was big enough to fit a child in it, but hey, there you go!

So pretty good day really and that was after having the men round to assess our claim for a new garage door. 
We will not be getting it on home insurance :o(
Huge blow.
All our carefully stashed away Christmas Bonus will now be going on a new garage door where it might have gone on.................
oh I don't know, something better than a garage door anyway :o)

Oh well. I will be focusing on the fact that we have a Christmas Bonus that can pay for the door and that the rest of the day was a pretty good one.

Hey, Thanks Mummy From The Heart this has been really good this week.
See you next week :o)


  1. Love the photo, kids do make me laugh!

  2. Well done for finally finishing off that notebook. I'm terrible for putting things off until the last minute.

    Herding Cats x

  3. Emma, the speed he left up there was incredible!

    Paw Relations, it really is such a good feeling, like a weight has been lifted and been replace with pride.