Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Making 'Pudding Drink'

My two absolutely love a 'Pudding Drink' for a dessert. They have no idea that it is an incredibly healthy choice. We are happy to keep them in ignorance.
 So here we have the ingredients for this fabulous treat!
Frozen Blueberries
Frozen mixed fruits (melons and grapes)
Fresh Banana
a Frozen Frube
Semi Skimmed milk (see, healthy!)
and the all important ingredient, the thing that makes it 'Theirs', their leftover milk from dinner!
 In goes their milk
 I like this pudding because they like getting involved with the making and there is no mess! Bonus!
Mrs Goo gets to practise her cutting skills.

We are happy to let the children eat with their fingers, for the most part, my figuring is that as long as they are enjoying their food who cares how it gets to their mouths. They won't still be using their fingers as adults.
What is far more important, to me, is that they don't associate eating food with mummy screaming 'Hold your cutlery properly!'

Though they are told, 'Sit nicely','Please face your dinner.' and 'Anyone who leaves the table (unless for the loo) gets no pudding'
For me, it means I have children who will sit nicely, for the most part, and stay there until we are all done.
Mostly, I can take them places and not be embarrassed.

 Adding the finishing pieces

 They both wanted to turn it on, but the minute they did they both yelled and did this........
They have heard this machine on many occasions, but hey :o)
 Two Happy customers!


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