Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Meet the infamous O'Malley (the alley cat)!

For Mrs Goos 4th birthday we got her a kitten (ok, that was just an excuse and convenient timing. I really wanted a cat!!)
We actually got a brother and sister but sadly our little Tabitha was knocked down at just 6 months :o(
But O'Malley, the most friendly little cat I have ever known but also the most daft, I really didn't expect him to be with us much longer than Tabitha. His favourite haunt was the shop over the reasonably busy road. Luckily for us they fell for his timid nature and were not cross with his little visitations.

He once jumped into a friends car, it was just as well she spotted him before she set off.

Before he was a year old we were told, by countless people, that they had enjoyed a lovely walk around the  harbour with the imitable O'Malley.
Even Dog walkers!
Yesterday we had company on our walk to get Mrs Goo from school, it has been a while since he has done this so Mr Goo was over the moon with the excitement. He kept swiveling himself round to make sure we were still being followed.

One Boy and his Cat
I wonder what they are looking at?

 Lounging around waiting for school to finish. At this point I was sure that he would just get fed up and wander off home. Especially when Mr Goo and I went inside to get Mrs Goo.
Oh yes, and after Primary 1&2 traipsed over from the Gym (one girl went straight to him and hissed in his face) But O'Malley was sure that this was the place he wanted to be.
This is the window at the back of the cloakroom. O'Malley sat and watched as all the girls organised themselves. Que squeals of delight and questions of 'Whos is that cat!?' , 'Is it yours!?' , 'Whats its name?'
 He moved to the next window to watch them all leave. Waiting for a stroke from Mrs Goo.
As soon as he saw the children head off across the school yard he leapt off to chase after them at a lick!

All the way home he would lag behind, chase after us to leap ahead and repeat the process all the way home.
His being there, along with Mrs Goo, encourage Mr Goo to run home, without any tears.
Pretty impressive when you think that Every day last week was a torment to Mr Goo to be Made to walk or scooter. Basically Not taking the car was enough to send him into a spin that lasted the full 10-15 min walk, plus the whole wait and then half way home was filled with screaming.
But not so with the inclusion of one O'Malley : o D

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