Friday, 13 January 2012

Baking Baking, I love Baking!

I do love baking!
My children Love baking!
If there was one thing wrong with baking, it is how much my children love baking because it means I can barely bake when they are around because they are at my hips, under my feet, in front of my cupboard doors in their bid to be involved!
Mmmmm, Rocky Road.
Made by Mrs Goo and some help from Mr Goo.
For my Christmas my lovely mum bought me a cupcake box thingumy.
You cook the cakes in the tray but then attached the lid so that they stay flat for storage and transporting.
No more trying to figure out how to get cupcakes to fit into a circular tin, for me ;o)

Simply Had to try it  out.
Cinnamon & Banana Cupcakes anyone?
Hmm, looks like someone already took me up on my offer.
I wonder if it was my small helpers.............

Silly question really :oD

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