Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Last day of January. Was yours fun?

We had Fun!

I started my day getting my fringe sorted out, what mess it was in.
But discovered, as I dropped Mr Goo into Playgroup, that is was my turn to Stay and Play.
I love Stay and Play! :o (
But I was done getting my hair fixed, by 10am so I dashed back to the school to catch the last hour.
Soooo glad I did!
Lots of the children came up to me and seemed really happy that I was there.
It felt so Good!

oh, oh, hang on! This is breaking news!
We Walked to school today!
We Never walk to school in the morning because I am a rubbishy morning person.
( My bed Loves me. It just won't give me up, it can't be helped. It really isn't my fault)
But today? Today we did it. Aaaand I didn't shout! woohoo!

So after a fabby morning, Mr Goo and I had a relaxing afternoon.
Until I realised that we had a busy afternoon/evening to come.

1445 - pick up Mrs Goo from school
1500 - Finally leave the school after Mrs goo takes forever to organise herself and her gubbins
1515 - Go to a friends house for a meet (yes, so that I can Talk talk talk!) and play
1700 -1730 get home
1800 - We have the local church minister coming round to meet us
1900 - bed time for the Goos

Can anyone spot anything missing from this itinerary?
Oh my Goodness! Dinner. How the heck was I going to get that slotted in??

1330, just over an hour until we have to collect Mrs Goo.
Right, so, dinner. EEk!
Quickly ran out to the garage to see what we have.
Defrost some mince, boil up some tatties and make a cottage pie that 
Hubs can put in the oven for us to come home to.  Genius!

During the following hour, Mr Goo and I put Caro Emerald on,to boogie to 
and I got stuck into some serious cooking.
Not to add pressure to myself or anything but I decided that I ought to take some cake with me to my friends. That's ok I made some orange cupcakes yesterday (OMGoodness, How good are they!?) 
so, good to go.
yes, but what about our guest tonight?
Oh lordy, I better make some more.
Thats ok, I have some left over mix in the fridge.
Oh crumbs, it isn't enough!
Righto, better throw some together and throw it on top of what I have.

So, in the time I had. I made the pie, cleaned the dishes, had a scoot around to tidy up a bit, made cupcakes, mixed up the icing for them and had the cupcakes cooling.
Actually I was invigorated!

The Goos had a fantastic time at their friends house, 
although her eldest was under the weather : o(
Her youngest though, was on top form. 
She had me singing to her, jumping games were going on.
But, eventually, I sneezed and she turned into a frog.
Her way of casting spells with her wand, 
which was millimetres from being a solid wack on my head, 
sounded very much like a sneeze to me  ;o )    
So I sneezed back and wadya know, she turned into a frog!

We headed home a little after 5 which , by the way, was pretty good self control for me ; o)
Dinner was enjoyed by all. Hubs exclaimed over it, so he can come again anytime.

Having the minister round was interesting.
He is a brilliant man. Both Hubs and I have been struck by him and 'the way he tells em'
We are new to his congregation, I am still trying to decide if I can or want to turn my back on my Catholic upbringing. So it feels a bit like I am being dishonest by entertaining him at all.
But those are my demons and I am working on them.
For the moment, with him, I feel relaxed and at peace with my spirituality.
That's enough for me.
The only fly in the ointment is that we are the only young family and ,
 therefore, the Goos are the only children so what to do for their education?
It sounds as if it is down to me. But I am not too worried by that.

As I type I can hear the Goos chattering away in their bedroom having a rare old time of it.

So, for a last day of the longest month.
I think we did ok.

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I was really proud of this one, it was all straight from the head to the page.
Readable or just too much, you tell me.

Begging, I really do Love comments :O )


  1. I love the fact you have wrote it how it is for you :) Well done on getting up and organized and to school on foot with no need to shout that is an accomplishment for anyone! I love cottage pie too nice easy and always a crowd pleaser :)

  2. Wow, what a busy day you had, seems like the longest day! Cottage pie is always a winner with me, thick gravy and fat, juicy peas.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  3. wow what a full on day! i love the way this post just flows and flows, each line revealing another snippet into your day :) and cottage pie is a great meal - so easy but so full of flavour mmmm!! x