Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday

Time for a cosy walk to the shop.
Check out Mr Goos accessories.

Sporting a funky Deer Stalker hat (Matalan, would you believe?)
A, very fashionable Stripey scarf, a present from Granny and Grandad N (I think it is Tesco best, could be Asda, either way we love it!)
And, in this weather, the obligatory snow boots (DE shoes)
Oh, the coat is also new, Granny and Grandad N kitted both the children out in their winter coats and accessories this year. We are very lucky to have such generous family.


What is everybody else wearing today, click on the link and lets go have a look.



  1. Now that's a man's man! I have been looking for boots like those...looks like he's ready to chop fire wood :) And I agree, I always love when someone else makes or knits something for him..All I know how to knit is a scarf! By the way, @babesabouttown tried leaving a comment but couldn't for some reason. She left one for you at mine. She loved the get up!

  2. love the hat! We had one like that last year and I wish I could find one in a bigger size for him this year!