Monday, 9 January 2012

First day back to school

We did quite well today.
No, we did better than well. We got up in time, we got our breakfast and had ourselves out the door by 840!
To the school by 845

Unheard of for us!!
Mrs Goo was so happy to be able to play before school that she couldn't get away from me fast enough!I kept having to call her back to take her bag in. Even Mr Goo was calling 'Your Bag! Sister!'
Got her to slow down enough that we could follow her in, she grabbed us both for our cuddles and kisses, nearly leaving her bag behind again!
Mr Goo and I walked around the school to wait until he could go into Playgroup to see his 'Doan and Doodith'
Whilst we were waiting, who came along but Mrs Goo!
It was so lovely to see her running and playing, so Happy!

Dropping Mr Goo was as easy as pie because he was so keen to go.
I had a very low morning, not really sure what to do with myself.

Collecting him was so lovely!
We had a quiet afternoon, not too much Ceebeebies and lots of music.

Mr Goo and I took the scooters to go and get Mrs Goo from school because she had really really wanted to take them with her this morning.

 Mr Goo was so excited to get his sister from school

 Love this pic!

 Love this one too, cheeky wee smile
 Here she comes!
Pleased as punch to have her scooter.

 Off she goes!

 Mr Goo being pulled along by mummy.

What a great way to get home!

When we got home the children were not ready to come in yet, so they played outside for ages.
Mr Goo running up and down the street chasing Mrs Goo on her scooter.
Then it was out the back and onto the trampoline for a good old bounce!

The evening was lovely and calm. You know they are on their best behaviour because daddy is away and how marvelous is that, that they are aware that I need them to be?

Love my children, they are Great!

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