Monday, 9 January 2012

Meal Planning Monday

We tried this last week, but  on Wednesday.
It worked quite well, but I fear that they would have the same choices every week.
My turn this week.
Hmmmm, what do I want, ,what do I want...............

Monday - left over chicken, boiled rice with mushrooms and peas. A risotto basically.
Tuesday - Sausages (I have them in the fridge so I better use em) It has to be chunky home made chips and the children will scream for Beans. Just has to be done.
Wednesday - I have mushrooms to use. Gotta be Pork Stroganoff with rice. Mmm, so good!
Thursday - Stuck. I guess shopping tomorrow will decide this one for me.
Friday - Mince (what to do with it??) Chilli in Baked Potatoes skins, oh Yes! with some soured cream. Delish
Saturday - Beef Burgers! DHs cheat meal. Haven't had them for ages! And Cake! As yet undecided, but Devils Food Chocolate Cupcakes are on my mind. MmmmmM.
Sunday - Some sort of Roast. DH likes his roasts but we normally scavenge to see what comes up cheap/reduced in the shop. DH always makes Homemade Roast tatties, Honeyed Carrots, Peas and Gravy. Oooh Lush!!

So that is not bad for my first attempt.
Maybe next week it won't look so messy.

Oh, actually. I had better see if I can get Corn on the Cob. Can you believe I couldn't get it last week and it was teh only thing the children Really shouted for.
The man in the veggie ailse suggested Frozen.
I asked had he ever tried frozen Corn on the Cob.
He replied, No.
I said that if he had, he would Never suggest it again! haha

It is true!

It is a shame this has no Linky, but I think it was At Home with Mrs M. who started this one, also found The Five Fs.
Hope I can keep up with you guys!


  1. I find it best to decide my whole menu before I go shopping. You can always change it a little but I base my list around what i actually need and am going to cook rather than anything else.

    Great start tho.

  2. Pork stroganoff - yum!!

    Thanks for joining in, your meals sound lovely this week.