Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Meal Planning?

Can you ever decide what to have for dinner?
I Never can!
I normally just leave it to DH when he comes home. He has always been more specific about what he wants, whereas I just like food, I am not terribly fussy what I have from one day to the next because I like it all.
But it makse making a decision very hard because I never really fancy anything, if you follow.
I am awkward, I know, but there you go.

Mr Goo is 3, you ask him 'What would you like for dinner?'
He will answer 'Ham and cheese and crabsticks.' (say it as fast as you possibly can and you might just sound like him!)
Ask Mrs Goo and she will invariably answer 'Pizza!' with a shout and a grin.

I read on another blog, sorry I have no clue where it was, it was a while ago. And the mother would ask her children what they would like to eat throughout the week and build a plan around that.
Sounds like a plan to me.
Wednesday is probably not the best day to start it one, but hey. It is on my mind now and I have to go with it whilst it is in there or it will be lost.

Mrs Goo
Corn on the cob
Chicken skin, chicken crunchy skin
Veggies and Carrots
Mince and tatties, Yeah! No, no, no, not mince and tatties.
Mashed tatties
Baked potatoes with cheese and ham

Mr Goo
Corn on the Cob
I don' want beans
I don' want chicken skin, no I don' want that
I don' want veggies and carrots
I don' want mashed tatties
I don' like carrots...yes you do Mr goo..... I don'! I like sausages!
I want Dinoco

And on that I give up!

I guess, from that we have
Mince and Tatties
Chicken and veggies
Baked potatoes

Should do us through to the weekend anyway and it takes a whole heap of thinking out of it all for me.
I quite enjoyed that :o)

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