Sunday, 1 January 2012

Project 366 - 1/366

I am not very good at remembering to write a blog, bit too sporadic, as can be seen by how long it has been since I put anything on here but I was on Twitter and saw someone say they were doing a Project 366. A photo a day for the next year. I went on over to I heart motherhood's blog  and I thought, Hey that looks great!
Hope you are happy if I join you?

My two playing on their trampoline. 
Daddy took the picture so I am really not sure why Mr Goo has no trousers on, but hey, that is just him.


  1. Fab picture, but he must be freezing!

  2. What a great picture. As a mother of two boys that seems the exact attire mine would probably be out in :) x

  3. It was surprisingly mild up here, has been for a bit.
    They are mad, these boy creatures!

  4. Looks like they were having fun! Love the no trousers - my daughter's the same with cardigans - won't wear them whatever the weather! xx