Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cheapskate Bloggers Secret Santa

Look it Look it!!
Before Christmas I signed up for a Cheapskate Bloggers Secret Santa, started by the lovely Liveotherwise.
I was very happy to join in because you had to make something as cheaply as possible and I do Love to make things as frugally as I can. I also Love surprises!
I have been waiting for my Secret Santa gift to arrive, lost in transit, and today it did!
Wowee wowee!

A Personalised Mug!
Someone made something Especially for me. 
I Never get my name on anything, unless I go for the French spelling, so this is just so so lovely!

I wonder did my Secret Santa make the candle herself too?
It smells delish!
And I sooo love anything Art Nouveau, so I am in love with my tin (which had me worried for the contents of my box because it was rattling ominously inside the packaging, making me afraid that, after my wait, it was arriving broken to smithereens!)

Oh! But look! The sweeties are so... well, sweet! I almost don't want to eat them. Almost ;o)
Of Course, I just had to try it out.
One cup of Hot Cinnamon chocolate with steamed milk coming right up!
And then you obviously have to have a sweet to go with.
Rocky Road seems like the order of the day :oD
 I did get to drink most of my yummy Hot chocolate before this happened.......
But how hard is it to say no to that face?
 Oh Look! I hadn't spotted that!
Secret Santa, You have more than one Happy recipient!


  1. That's gorgeous, so pleased it arrived :) I think linky is still open on my big, do you want to add it?

  2. I have added my blog to your linky