Monday, 30 January 2012

No Mummy, we have to tidy up first!

Mrs Goo went out to her Zumba class tonight. Her favourite after school activity.
As she was leaving, Mr Goo and I were waving from the window, he asked if he could get Ceebeebies now.
I agreed that he could once we had had a tidy up and he had brought his jammies downstairs.
Surprisingly he agreed with this for a plan, even though it was only 530. But hey ho, he can't tell the time yet.

We finished waving Mrs Goo away.
I said 'Ok, up you go to get your jammies, then we can watch Ceebeebies.'
'No!' he replied,' We have to have a wee tidy up first.'

How do you like that. I am in no doubt that this will all change as he gets older but, for now, I was impressed!

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