Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 366 : 2/366

Another picture taken by Daddy.
This one whilst I was still lounging in my bed.
I do Love it when he is home for the holidays.
I am a night owl, that means that I am Not a Morning person !

It has been such a lazy day today. Mrs Goo here, only got dressed so she could be Rapunzel.
Mr Goo needed lots of encouragement and, eventually, for me to say 'c'mere. I am getting you dressed!'
ok, hands up. It is 530 in the evening and I am guilty of still having my jammies on. Double standards? A leetle bit!
They have even been out to Tesco with Daddy to get a few bits and bobs for dinner.
I  did boring housewifely stuff, folded washing, put a new load in the tumbler, set the fire.
Then I sat down and watched Pride and Prejudice.
Mrs Goo got hooked too!
But, by the time it had been on for 2 hours we were both a little period drama'd out.
 So it simply had to be The Princess and the Frog.
My Daughter, obsessed with all things princess?
Why, of Course she is!!
My Son however?
Nnneee, not so much!


  1. aww lovely photos bless your sons face :) x

  2. Great pictures look forward to seeing the next 12 months

  3. She is SO gorgeous...look at those amazing eyes!!!

  4. What a gorgeous girl you have!!! Beautiful! xx