Monday, 9 April 2012

Sock Curls

Still love love Loving the Adopt a Do website
Last night we had/Mrs Goo was desperate to have a go at Sock Curls
 On our first attempt, we did as Mindy suggested and only used 2 pairs of socks, 4 curls.But, for us, it was too much hair and not enough curl.
next time we did 3 curls down the back on her head and two at the sides.
And even then, I think I will increses it to 4 down the middle and one each side.
 Mrs Goo did feel a little silly to have my socks in her hair.
 These are the curls, straight out of the socks, with a little separation as I release each curl.
And this was with using 5 socks (not 5 pairs, mind, just 5 socks)

Then I couldn't resist trying the pancake braids.
 Aren't they just gorgeous!?
 I think I may have skipped the bit about how to secure them, and how to hide the flyway ends, but I tend to get too excited about trying the new style, by the time it is coming to the finer details.
Putting in those socks, took about as much time as it would normally take to braid her hair for the night, which is something I do every night anyway.

So I can definitaly see us doing this a good many times!
Thank you Mindy!!

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  1. She is just adorable! Thank you for posting the sock curls...been wanting to do this on my daughter. :)