Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Egg Decorating

We booked into the local Rangers to join in their easter egg decorating session.
We arrived on time, pretty good going for us ;O )
Found ourselves a place to sit and waited for the nod to get going.
The Ranger gave a wee intro talk , during which Mrs Goo sat ever so well,
with her notebook and pen in front of her.

taking notes
Mr Goo chose himself a birds eye view
 Getting going.
Mr Goo completely plastered his egg with paint!
 Here are our efforts.
Mrs Goo is finishing off a base for her egg (which is the one in the middle)
The two on either side are for growing cress in.
We gave them hair feathers at the back.

Putting in their seeds.

  Mrs Goo, just had to try our that birds eye view too! 

I couldn't resist this pic. Poor Mrs Goo (mean old mummy!)
Waiting to gather around the table that they set all the decorated eggs onto 
so that they could take a promotional pic.

Haha, managed to get a nice smile from Mrs Goo, but a grumbly one from Mr Goo.
Ah well.
Loving our first week of holidays!

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