Friday, 4 May 2012


Mr Goo was given a Cars Sticker book from Granny.
I never know what to do with the stickers inside, do you?
I suppose you could stick them in the book they came with but they don't really fit.
You could spread them around the house. I remember my brothers bedroom door having Weetabix characters stuck on it for Years and years.
I think my parents finally sanded them back in the last few years.
I have tried to discourage them from doing that to our doors, 
I am constantly of a mind that this is Not my forever home 
so I don't want to have children's stickers defacing the doors.

So you can imagine my reaction when I walked into the Goos bedroom to discover
Though I do have to admit they have done a great job. I kinda like how it looks.
But it had to come off.
I very carefully started to try to peel them off so that my wall was not ruined 
and neither were the precious stickers.

But now what??

Honestly, what do you do with stickers???

Ah Ha!
I spy a library book bag.
So the children and I got to work making the bag look beautiful.
I had to make sure that they didn't feel that I didn't appreciate their artistic efforts, 
just that they had to be used on something other than my walls!
I think it is going to look great!

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  1. Wanna come and get the super hero ones off Teeny's wall? When i tried, it started to pull the paper off :(