Tuesday, 22 May 2012


My Goos love a trip to the hairdressers.
It isn't a fancy one, doesn''t have one of those silly car chairs for entertaining the children
(though I hear that they are getting one in, mores the pity)
No, they just like to get their haircut.

I normally take the hot seat first
Well, they have to peruse the old toys first!
No idea why, they are old and there are only a few of them, 
even the hairdresser who brought them in sort of apologised for them, hehe
But they are Different toys, so that is enough for them.

But when it is their turn they will hop up onto that seat 
and sit very nicely to get their hair trimmed.

Mr Goo normally goes second
He can get distracted, but then, he makes her laugh so much 
with his antics that sometimes he can't help himself.
He is sitting very well for her here though.
Posing for mummy
Doesn't he look the picture of innocence?
I really like our hairdresser because she is so happy to chat to my two
and to stop, just so that she can giggle at them.
Mrs Goos turn this time
'Don't take too much! I want hair like Rapunzel!!'
Do children ever tire of these toys?
Funny how beads on wire are such a hit!
Ooh, I should show you the one at the bank!
It is HUGE!
I have to chase them out of there sometimes
Not a bad complaint though, could be worse, I could do my banking
with two whining children pulling at my hand to leave,
or clambering on the seats undoubtedly irritating my fellow queueing companions
(Yes, that would be the other bank)
Yes, our hairdresser is, again, giggling away at my posing pair.
But they do take a good pic, don't they?
Just Mrs Goos fringe to do, them we will see her beautiful eyes again.

Yup, we do like a trip to the hairdressers.
Simple things, eh?
.  .

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