Sunday, 20 May 2012

Nothing beats a great swing park!

No visit to our swimming pool is complete without a trip to the best swingpark in town!
They love the bucket swing but will patiently take their turns.
Mrs Goo likes to use the workout equipment.
It just helps to emphasise how little she still is.

Roundabouts are still the best though.
This time there were some older children hanging around them 
when Mr Goo decided he wanted a turn.

It was so lovely that, as soon as he came near they immediately dispersed, 
save one, who then leaned in to spin it for him.
How lovely was that?

Do you know how many people I meet that say 
'och, we want to move south. There just isn't as much for the children to do up here.'
I don't get it?
They obviously aren't looking in the right places, or just aren't making enough of what is available
I think my wee county has so much to offer.

Joining in The Country Kids linky over at Coombe Mill this week.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. That last photo is gorgeous. That looks like some great play equipment. Is it a new park? I can see the ducks and a lake right by it too. Looks like you could spend a happy couple of hours there with a picnic too! Thanks for linking up and sharing.

    1. That is the boating pond behind, you can hire boats and pedalo's to go on it, but beyond that there is the river.
      You could very easily while away an afternoon in that area, there is a lovely walk over the bridges and, yes, the park is new, maybe 2 years old?
      It even has a zip slide!
      Yes, I have a had a sneaky shot or two ;0)