Friday, 8 June 2012

We don't have eggcups, what will we do??

The children fancied Boiled Eggs and Soldiers but we don't have eggcups.

But we did have an empty toilet roll holder.
Looks to be about the right size for our local fresh duck eggs, Yum!
I let them loose with pens to decorate

But thought that might be a bit dull, so I got out the paints.
Mrs Goo helped squeeze out blue for Mr Goo.
He has decided that it is his favourite.
There seems something a bit segregated about it to me : 0(
Well perhaps that fact that he says 'I am a boy so I like blue' is a bit of a give away.
Not sure who put that into his head, I think it is a bit of a shame though.
Perhaps I think to much.............

Glittery silver for Mrs Goo

Ta Da!
ok, they are not quite dry, but I am not known for my patience when it comes to crafting, 
I get so excited that I just want to use it/show it off Now!

They work perfectly.
Happy Crafters, I think

0 0

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