Sunday, 10 June 2012

The Olympic Torch comes to our wee country - Part 1

So, we had a busy day on Saturday.
Up and out the door for 0930 so that we could get to the pool on time for their 
Family Friendly session,where I can take the children on my own. 
Otherwise I need an adult each for them.
Bloomin nuisance

Anyway, we made it and we had a great time.
Mr Goo is Nuts!
You know those noodle things? 
You used to call them woggles, till they decided that was politically incorrect?
Well, he asks, ever so nicely for one of those (Blue, please, he adds)
It goes into the pool, then he jumps straight on in, catching it under his armpits.
Plenty of heart in stomach moments there.
Mrs Goo is mega confident too, she likes being under the water.
Last time we went swimming I watched her do three breaststroke pulls under the water!
When did she learn that!?
The Classes she has been attending? Duh! Can't believe I was surprised, but hey ho
I can be a bit dim at times ; o)

This is her hair afterwards.
I will have to do another post about it, because it is only meant to be for making curls, but I figured that she could have it in after the pool, then have beautiful curls for our plans for tomorrow.
Pretty, huh?
I figured, as we had somewhere to be at 2pm and it was now 1130, there wasn't much point in going home.
So cafe for lunch then?
Specifically the one geared to children that might have a bouncy castle up
Two children in the basket.
The small child on the right is correct, 'What Are they doing?'
This is, of course, the best way to eat your lunch.............
The bouncy Castle is up!
Caught mid bounce and with a Mrs Goo pulling a weird face, this one made it to our Project 366

Now, were you paying attention? Did you wonder where we had to be at 2pm?

We had to be at the Town Hall to make Olympic Torches!
Because the Olympic Torch is coming to our neck of the woods,
it being the Far North of the Country.
Mr Goo managed a little while of interest, but it was short lived and involved a lot of 
popping from one table to the next to confuse random people 
with random unintelligible excited ramblings 
(probably about Cars, or his sisters currents movements)
But I had made the mistake of buying them both a treat from the bakery.
I thought we would have had time to eat them before we went to the hall, but I was wrong.
So I figured we would keep them for later.
Mr Goo had other ideas and raided my bag as I put his torch together for him.
Doesn't he look excited with my handy work?
Mrs Goo was much more heavily involved in the making of hers and is clearly in Love with it ; o)
On to Flag making.
She told me later that she had got a very sore arm as she was colouring in, 
but she kept going anyway.
Little love : o)
He looks almost patriotic in this one, haha
(yes. I did colour that one in for him)
A great couple of hours crafting.
Two Happy Crafters
Ready for bed.
Sharing this pic incase you can see the difference between a very careful Mrs Goo,
finishing of her Biscuit treat with the plate to catch the crumbs
(that she got herself so that she wouldn't get crumbs everywhere. It was Not my idea)
Mr Goos crumbs are All over the floor and his lap.

Boys and Girls of just Mr Goo ad Mrs Goo?
Either way, their differences make me smile

O    O

\        /

Check out Part 2 to see what we did with our makes of the day.

Adding this to Coombe Mill's Country Kids linky
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. The differences between boys and girls always make me smile, yours are quite typical. I do love the hair do, I rarely manage to get Clio looking so well turned out and her long tangled hair drives me mad!Looks like you made the most of a morning swim and had lots of fun. Not strictly Country Kids as all indoors, but fun and action packed non the less!

    1. Ah yes, but there is a part 2 that it was all working towards. I wondered whether or not to add this bit yet.

    2. Ah yes, but there is a part 2 that it was all working towards. I wondered whether or not to add this bit yet.