Monday, 11 June 2012

The Olympic Torch comes to our wee county - Part 2

So, after all our making yesterday.
We had places to go today!
Buses to catch
We thought we would just have a wee sit down whilst we waited.
Mrs Goo was so excited to have her new hair in for today's adventure.
Doesn't she look all lovely and festive?
The bus arrived moments after the children had sat down.
And we were off!

Wanna know where the mystery adventure is taking us?

Well, the first stop is a queue
Decisions Decisions
Can you tell what it is yet?
Ice Cream!!
Mrs Goo had Strawberry ice cream in a Strawberry sprinkle topped waffle cone 
with Strawberry Sherbet topping.
Mr Goo got a Mint Choc Chip ice cream tub, 
with Chocolate sauce and Dinosaur crunch topping.
I had a tub of Raspberry ice cream with Raspberry sauce.
Yum all round!
Waiting, whilst eating our ice creams

AH, now we see what is going on.
A parade of torches!

Proudly raising her torch
In front of all the torches is a pipe band, Mr Goo is 'marching'

Our own little Statue of Liberty!
There was a Highland Dancing Display, followed by a children's orchestra
Say 'Cheeeeese' for the camera, lol

Now here comes the clue............

As we were sitting on the grass wondering what was happening next, we were invited to move, so that the children could wave their torches merrily in the background of................

The passing of the Olympic Torch!

Do you see it?
It is right there!!

Right There!

I could have touched it!

Sorry, it is sideways here.
If anyone can tell me how to right it, I will try to
But there it comes, back from Orkney
Passing the flame

There it is!
The Olympic Torch right there before me!
A once in a lifetime opportunity and, because of our torches, 
we were invited to be right there at the very front of it all!
My two felt they could have done as good a job as the torch bearers
But I think they were just as pleased by the play equipment as by any of the Olympic torch excitement.

Home again, Home again
Jiggedy Jig
Back home and, even after all the fun of the day, they are still delightedly brandishing their torches and flags!

As we walked home from getting 'Chip Chop Chips' for our dinner, we saw Daddy's van in the car park!!
Daddy is home!!
Earlier than we had expected.
What a great day!!

What a great weekend!
See what we did the day before this adventure to see the Torch

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