Friday, 24 February 2012

Visiting the Dentist

Here is my boy. I am so proud of him!

Last month we visited the dentist expecting a clean bill of health because
that was what we have been given last time, with pats on the back included.

Unfortunately, I screwed up.
I got complacent.
I let my children brush their own teeth and I did it waaay to often.

. .

The dentist decided that the best thing to do was take it way 
before it got hold and fill it to help protect it.
They need fillings.

My heart felt like it literally dropped into my stomach :'o (

Mr Goos appointment was on Tuesday.
He hopped up onto the seat without a second glance, the dentist was impressed.
Too cool for skool with his protective shades on
Counting Teeth
She decided that she would maybe go at his tooth with the water spray thing and see how he got on.
She explained to him what she was going to use, got him to feel 
the air blower, the water spray 'tooth shower' and the hoover.
He opened up his mouth as wide as he could and she quickly got to work.
Next second it was done.


Not even a flinch.
We then had to return for a meeting with the PDU (don't ask me what it means!)
She talked to us about our diet, how many times they snack and how often they get juice.
I had been doing my very best to keep treats to after meals, I can't stand diluting juice, so they don't get that.
And, really, with hubs being into his fitness and diet, ours is pretty good too.
So, ..  much confusion :o (
I think it was a combination between the occasional bottle of juice 
and possibly crabsticks that Mr Goo snacks on constantly. 
But mainly just the toothbrushing mess that we made by not doing it ourselves.

Back again today, for the other side.
(Yes, I have been at the dentists 3 times this week!)
(And my sister had a baby! Busy week going through to the neighbouring town!)

Today, before I knew what was happening, and without explaining it to him first, 
she quickly got to work with the drill.
(I think she didn't explain because he had been fine with the water and possibly wouldn't know the difference. Also, by telling me, I may have passed my worry onto him....or she just forgot to tell us)

1...2....3...    and she was done    

All this going on and he didn't even flinch

Just tidying up

So, ok, it is not good that he has had to have work done at such a ridiculously young age.
I am ashamed that I did not look after his teeth better.
It was one thing that I really wanted to get right, 
after breastfeeding, which was the first thing I wanted to get right
but I messed up.
I can only do my very best from here on.

But I can be proud of my little boy for being the best patient she has had in a long while.
She said she would have loved to have filmed it, to show to the 10 year old boys, who make a fuss.

So, here is my little boy with all his stickers because we were all so incredibly proud of him!

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