Tuesday, 19 July 2011

The County Show

Today we went to the County Show.
Granny and Grandad came to get us and everyone had to drive through to Wick. They forgot to take me though so I just get to see the pictures today.
Here they are getting organised to walk to the show.
It was a really long walk.
On the way Dervish saw some sheep in pens.
Look Ginger, There are Ginger sheep!!
Grandad took the children to get sweeties whilst Mummy and Granny went to see some of the competition stuff.
Mummy though that I would like this one. It was called Mikey the Monkey and it was made out of fruit!!
Whilst Mummy and Granny were looking in the tent, the children went for a wander with Grandad, but it took mummy nearly an hour to find them!
She was a little sad cos she felt that maybe, by the time she found the children, they would be tired and ready to go home.
Luckily the children were not tired at all! And mummy got lovely cuddle from Dervish!
Then everyone had a wee sit down cos it was a really hot day. Which was surprising cos it had been really really rainy last night.
After their wee sit down, everyone thought that they would have another wander. Mummy was looking for the face painting. She even asked another mummy where it was. Turned out she was very close!
Dervish first!
Granny said they should make him into a monster but mummy had already said a Lion would be good, cos of all his hair.
Dervish sat really well for the lady.
Poor mummy can never get a picture of Dervish looking into the camera, he is always looking away just as the camera takes the pic, but here is Dervish the Lion!
Then it was Darlings turn.
Dervish had a wee peek to see what was happening to his sister.
Then he stood and watched. He looks very serious, don't you think?
Mummy was very proud of her children cos they sat so well for the lady to paint their faces.
Here she is. Darling was a cat! With beautiful pink and purple swirls and a glittery nose!
Mummy wanted a picture of her two Darlings.
Darling was so good to bend down to her brothers height for the picture!
Dervish still wasn't looking at the camera! haha
Then they caught up with Granny and Grandad, they were talking to a man about solar panels.
Grandad found out that someone had brough their fiddle and they invited him to come and have a wee play.
Well, Grandad just could not resist!
But look who we found!
I think she liked Grandads music.
Darling looked so beautiful sitting on the grass. Mummy just had to take her picture.
The people who had the fiddles gave the children Giant balloons! They had a great time throwing them in in the air, trying to catch them as they fell.
OOps, missed!
Then it was time to start heading for home.
Look at the size of those massive balloons!
Granny always tries to get out of the pictures, but mummy caught her here.
As Mummy and Darling passed the sheep, they were bleating cos they didn't want to be cooped up anymore.
Mummy noticed that when sheep bleat, they stick their tongues out.
So this is Darling Bleating like a sheep!
hehe, she looks funny!
Mummy and Darling got to Grandads car first but here comes Dervish, with Granny and Grandad.

That looked like a great, busy day!

Bedtime now though and Darling was sad cos she had to have her face cleaned. But Daddy has the cleanser, so mummy had to plaster on cream and use the cotton wool to take the cream back off, taking the makeup with it.
Darling did look funny when mummy first put the cream on. She did giggle a lot!
Haha, doesn't darling look funny with it all squidged over her face!
Time to go to sleep now, but I think the children had a really really nice day.

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