Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fun packed Sunday

The children forgot me again today.
But they went swimming this morning with Grandad.
Evryone had a great time except Dervish who moaned most of teh time and was a real mummy's boy. He won't let Grandad take him at all, at the pool.

Then he got upset cos he wanted to go for a shower with his mummy, not with his Grandad. Mummy coudl hear his squeals from through in the ladies changing rooms. She was just about to shout to Grandad to just send him through to her, when he stopped.

Turned out that Grandad had smacked his bottom.
Dervish does not like that, but sometime it just has to happen cos Dervish is beyond reason.
Grandad said the moment he did smack him, Dervish said, 'I stop my noise now.' So it seemed to do the trick.

Still, he was happy when mummy and Darling were finally ready.
Then they all went to feed the ducks.
Grandad remembered to bring bread.
Don't they make a pretty picture?
Mummy said to Grandad that the boats are free when you have a highlife card.
Grandad needed no more encouragement than that ;o)

The children got on Life jackets to keep them safe and clambered straight in.
Mummy worried a little bit cos she couldn't keep a hold of Dervish, but he sat ever so well.
Same way he does in the car, really.
They went really close to the island and could nearly touch the ducks who were sleeping in the tall grass.
Do you think Darling is having a good time?
I think Dervish had a good time too.
To get back to the car, they had to go past the swingpark, Darling ran on ahead and this is where mummy found her.
So they just had to have a wee play.
Dervish turn.
Zip Slide next.
Dervish turn again.
After that they went to Grannys house and she made Pancakes for lunch!!

Then Granny said that she really wanted to go to John O'Groats to see the painted hotel.
So they drove to mummys house and transfered some seats and all went there.

It looks really crazy!
Mummy took pictures from all sides.

Then they sat on the wee hill and had some cake. Darling said it was her favourite.
Pink cakes!
Mummy said that they looked really really horrid, but that they tased remarkably nice.

The children looked down the rabbit holes to see if they could see any rabbits, but they didn't see any.

They did look funny, all upside down trying to see in them though, teehee
Then they had a play on the wee play park that was there. Dervish liked the slide the best!
After that it was time to go home. The children were very tired after such a busy day. But they did have a Really Really good day!

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