Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Fayre

Good Morning!!

Today we had a lazy morning before getting ready to go to the Lifeboat Fayre.
Darling took a picture of Dervish, with me, on the way there.
She said it was a really nice picture.
Darling brought me, Dervish brought a fat wooden cat.
Darling was all ready to dance with Mina.
But as soon as she got there she got scared. Mummy said to just jump on up and do some pas de basque.
Darling was so brave. She got up with the girls, did her bow but then she got scared by all the people looking at her and had to come off the stage.

Mummy took Darling straight to the bouncy castles at the far end of the hall.
I think it made Darling feel a lot better.
The children were supposed to stay on the wee castle but Darling fancied a shot on the big slide, which did look like great fun!
So she took me to the top.

It was FABBY Fun!!!
We went on a few more times but it was quite busy and someone slid down and into darlings ankle.
She cried so Loud!
She was very sad.
Mummy was giving her cuddles and rubbing her ankle when Dervish sneaked onto the big slide.
Mummy was in such a panic when she saw him getting back up to go for another turn.
She felt sure that he was too small for that one but there he was climbing away as good as any of them!

This boy helped Dervish get up by putting his hand just under his bum so that he could catch him if he fell, giving him a wee push up if he needed it.
Mummy thanked him very much.
He said his name was Ryan so Mummy told him Dervish's name so that he would know who he was helping.
Mummy would have thanked his mummy if she could have figured out which mummy was his.

But he didn't stay for the whole time that we did, but Dervish was managing on his own by this point anyway.
Dervish would always wait until the slide was clear before he would take his turn. Then he would run to the end so that he was safe from the children sliding down after him.
Mummy thought that was clever, for a wee boy.

Then look who came ! Darlings Best friend !
They had lots of fun on both slides together. He would wait for Darling at the top so they could slide together.
Darlings friend had to go to the toilet, so we lost touch with them after that.
We stayed so long on the slides, I am sure we had our time at least 3 times over but the man just kept letting Dervish go back up.
It was only once mummy started to try to get the children off that he was very kind and helped her to round up the children (he told them time was up. Cos they sure weren't listening to mummy say it!)

Then we went into the hall, bought some baking and made plans for Darling to go visit a friend tomorrow.
We were just about to leave when mummy decided that we ought to have a little bite to eat.
So we went back in for some sandwiches and cake. Yum.
As we left, Darling said she didn't want to go quite yet. She wanted to have a wee sit down in the sun.
Mummy took a picture of us. She missed me out, but she got the children in.
When we got home, one of Darlings school friends was walking past the house. He waited as we parked up and Darling asked if she could go visit.
Mummy said maybe not now but then changed her mind and though why not.
So off Darling went.
10 minutes later she was back with her friend, and his brother.
They said that they were back to play at Darlings house.
They all played really really well together so mummy was very happy that they were playing with Dervish too.
While they were here it started to rain.
Look at what it looked like!!
Crazy, isn't it!?

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