Saturday, 2 July 2011

First Day of Summer Holidays

Today the children are going swimming!
They do like to go swimming, but today is even more special cos we are meeting one of Darlings friends there. Her very best friend in fact!!
Today mummy thought that Dervish could try wearing a coat in the pool.
That sounds like an odd idea don't you think?
Surely you shouldn't wear a coat in the pool??
Dervish Did Not Like his coat!
He sank too far into the water and got really scared.
Mummy tried to convince him but it did not work.
She tried putting him back into this armbands but he had got himself into too much of a tizz.
So he spent most of the time in the big pool moaning and screaming loudly :o(
He felt a lot better when he finally got into the little pool.

Darlings friends mummy and Daddy had taken their bikes to the pool.
Darlings friend was riding a bike all by himself, on the back of his mummys!
It was really smart!
Darlings friends went to get lunch but Darling went to the park.

Guess which bit Dervish liked best!!
Darling had to get some help to get started on this climbing frame but she loved being high up again.
Swinging is Sooo Much FUN!!
And both the childrean liked going on the zip slide !
They both had to go again and again.
Then we nipped to granny's for a spot of lunch.
She gave us some soup.
And then the children had babybels.
Darling was so clever.
She put the plastic bit on her nose like a clown!
She ran off to show granny, so mummy didn't get a picture.
But mummy did manage to get her camera when Dervish copied Darlings clever idea.
Doesn't he look funny!
Nanky Nonka and Uncle Andu came up to Granny's house after that.
They like to see the children too.
After that mummy wanted to go to a farmers market in the town hall.
But it was poo.
So we nipped to another shop but it didn't have what granny wanted either.
So we just headed home.
Nanky Nonka came with us.
She helped mummy to paint the shed again while the children played.

Dervish was sooo naughty! He went to the fridge and took out a tub of beans, then he went to the drawer and got himself a spoon.
Mummy didn't see him do either of these things. She only knew what he was doing when she saw some mess on the kitchen floor.
Then she looked out the door to see Darling chewing?
Behind Darling came Dervish, with the tub of beans and a spoon?
What?? How did he....?

The children had stovies for dinner.
Mummy couldn't believe how quickly Darling ate her dinner!!

Then it was time for the Gala Floats.
Mummy decided that she would dress Dervish up a bit cos he needed to change his top anyway, it had beans all over it!

When mummy looked into the cupboards she decided that he could wear a shirt and then she suddenly thought 'Oh! I know! He could be a surfer dude!'
So she ran to make him a surf board out of cardboard.
Here he is.
Surfer Dude Dervish.
When we got out of the garden, 3 Orange people went past??
ooh! Floats!
And Lots of LOUD music.
Dervish and Darling were so excited by all the music and fun.
oh, more orange people!!
This is Daddy's friend on a float.
It was the Gyspy Wedding float.
Then, look who we found!
Darlings best friend!

But now Dervish was getting sad. He didn't like the loud music anymore and I think he was getting frightened by all these orange people.
Darling gave him a cuddle to try to help him feel better.
It worked a little, but really he just needed his mummy.
Darling and her friend held hands as the went to see the floats and to give money to the people with their nets and tubs.
Then Darlings friends Daddy took him away and the children and mummy went to the front of the hall to see the Gala Queen being crowned.
Dervish was much much happier with the bagpipe music than he had been with the floats music. Even when it went right past him and it was REALLY loud.
He still iked it very much.
The children decided that the best thing to do, with all this waiting about, was to sit down in the middle of the road!
Imagine, being able to just sit down in the middle of the road?
But don't worry cos there were no cars allowed on the road tonight.
One of the dress ups had been a wedding carriage. Darlings school friend was the prince. The children were getting close so that they could say hello.
Next thing mummy knows, Dervish has been lifted up and put into the carriage!
I think he liked it in there, but Darling was a bit upset cos she wanted to get in too.
But it was really time to start going home cos it was getting late.
So we went back round to the floats, cos the music was a lot quieter now.
Dervish was happy again.
He was bopping up and down to the music happily.
Darling sat down on the edge of someones garden.
I think they were beginning to get tired, cos
Dervish had sat down on the path, behind mummy, as she had been taking a pic of Darling.
Just as mummy was taking the children home, the floats began to move, so mummy stopped to let them see the floats go by.
Then Darling saw another school friend!
So they played a little while.
Then it really was time for bed.
But, as soon as the children were in their jammies, the floats came round again, so they all ran to the bedroom window to see them all.
People on the floats waved up at us at the window!!

We even phoned Daddy so that he could hear the music!

Finally, it really was time for bed.

Do you think every day will be as busy as this first day of the holidays?

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