Saturday, 2 July 2011

Last day of Nursery

Darling had her last day at Nursery today.
She had to go to school in her Jammies!!
Imagine, not getting dressed in the morning!?
Mummy was in such a rush to get out the door today. She had to give Darlings jammies a wee iron and get her hair done.
They had decided that they would put her hair onto Two tinkerbell hairs, instead of just one.
Mummy thought it would be fun!

Whilst Darling was a school, Dervish went to a Party in the Park, with Bower Busy Bees.
Dervish was happy to find something spinny to play with. He does like spinny things so much!!
Dervish was having great fun playing with everybody, but when he saw that the food was ready he shouted, 'Yeah ! The food is Ready !!'
We think that Darling had a really fun time at Nursery. She seemed really happy when we got there.
Mummy couldn't help but to take some pictures cos it was her last day and cos she hadn't taken any before school.
Darlings friend looked gorgeous in her jammies too !
After Nursery we went to town. It was such a lovely day!
We had lunch in the middle of town.
Dervish was playing in the phone box.
Well, he was trying to, but he couldn't open the door. So Darling helped him.
Mummy was proud to see her lovely little girl helping her brother.
Then another girl came to play too and Darling was so lovely about helping her too.
Then they giggled through the glass at each other.
Mummy was proud of her children for playing so well together And with new people.
When we came home the children played in the garden and in the house.
Then mummy said she needed to go to the shop, so the children went with her.
On the way back, Darling walked along the wall. Dervish likes doing that too but he needs to hold mummy's hand.
Then he decided that he wanted to jump off the wall.
The first time he did it, he did it great. He jumped with both feet instead of just stepping the way he normally does.
But then the next time he only stepped.
So he tried again.
This time he jumped really well, but then he suddenly lost his balance and fell over.
He cut his knee and cried. It was such an awful shame :O(

So mummy carried him home and put him on the couch so that she could deal with his poor knee.
He got a Monkey plaster! A monkey plaster! How fabby is that!?
Darling gave him a cuddle to make him feel better.

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  1. Man, ah love these pictures by the way ! The wee man looks well cheeky, and the lass looks pure beautiful !!


    Ginger xx