Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday. The last day of June

Darling brought home all her work from Nursery today.
While mummy was making lunch, Darling was going through it all, showing them to mummy.
This is a picture of a bird. Aren't the feathers really pretty!
Miss Trisha drew around Bernadette to get this picture. Darling was showing mummy how she did it. It made them both laugh :o)
Darling said she was sad cos her friend had drawn a face onto this picture, even when she knew it wasn't hers.
So that was a shame :o(
Darling said that she didn't put the picture of her into the corner of this glittery picture.
Mummy said she really liked it though. She thought it looked like a dragon.
When Darling brought this one through she was really excited! She shouted, 'Look! Fireworks!!'
This is a flower for Miss Ann. She was not well in Hospital so everyone had drawn a flower for her but Miss Ann wasn't given them.
Darling couldn't remember if this was a leaf or a christmas tree. She said maybe those are decorations.
It is really pretty though, with the green glitter.
This is another leaf.
This is a rainbow cat called Kirsty!
Everyone had to draw their favourite animal from the farm visit on Tuesday.
Mummy thought all the colours were really really brilliant. and the feet too.
Mummy said that Darling was so very very clever and all her drawings were just fantastic.
She would like to have another look at them and then decide where to put some of them up for everyone to see.

The children had lunch then.
Dervish took the last of the milk and was being a wee devil drinking it straight from the bottle. But, actually, he is less likely to spill it than he is a wee cup. Which seem to get spilt constantly!

After lunch Mummy decided that she would take the children to the park.
They forgot to take me though :o(
Trilly got to go though. I think she had a great time.
The children seemed to have had a good time.


On the Seesaw
Darling liked it when her skirt got caught by the wind.
Dervish decided he wanted to get off and he was determined he would do it himself.

Then Darling discovered rubbish lying about. She couldn't help herself but to start picking it up. Mummy was torn between letting her because it was a good thing to do or stopping her cos it would be ichy.
Dervish joined in a little, but he only really picked up the one thing before he wanted to swing again.
There was only 2 things left to try out. The children had to go on everything!
Climbing Frame next.
Darling wanted Trilly to climb the frame first so that she could rescue her.
Darling went so high!
Dervish's favourite thing is stil the 'roundabike'. It was the very first thing that he ran for!
Now Darling joined him on it. She used her feet to make it go round.
Then they just relaxed in the lovely sunshine.
Mummy thought the children just looked so lovely she had to take thier pictures!
Darling decided to take a picture of mummy's scribbles.
When they came back to the house Mummy started to make some dinner and some cakes for Darlings Slumber party at Nursery tomorrow.
Dervish has also been invited to a party at Bower (cos he goes to the toddlers) tomorrow morning, so mummy made some cakes for that too.
Dervish just LOVES to stir and mix when mummy makes cakes. He runs for his chair Everytime! :o)
The children were playing upstairs whilst mummy got dinner ready.
They have been behaving very well today cos they came straight down and ate their dinner without any fuss.

After dinner mummy finished icing the cakes.

The children got to watch In The Night Garden before bed.
They like that programme. But the night night song was missing most of its words. It ended after the first verse??
That was odd.

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