Thursday, 30 June 2011

Visiting Granny on Wednesdays

To School
Dervish and I did a little bit of shoping with mummy whilst darling was at Nursery.
We saw the Gala week flags being put up, on the way to school.
Mummy turned the car around and went the other way so that Darling could see them being put up.
By the time Mummy and Dervish got back to the house, the flags were all up!
When we got Darling from school, she had a pretty flower to take home!
Mummy phoned Granny to see if we should go visit.
Granny though that would be a good idea cos they are going away tomorrow to see Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Ashley. They have had a little baby boy!
But we had to nip home first to put Darlings sheets from the washing machine, into the dryer, cos she had an accident again last night :o(
On our way again.
Because Granny and Grandad were going to see the baby, mummy decided that we would make them a card to take with them.
Mummy had seen a trick somewhere for making wee feet.
First you have to paint the heel of your hand.
Then you have to press the hand down.
Then use a wee finger to put in the wee toes.
Here is Darlings pretend foot on the left and Dervish's is on the right.
Then we had to put a message on the front.
Mummy was so clever cos she had remembered to bring the card, the paint and even the letter stamps!
Grandad thought that Darling would need some tweezers to get hem out.
Darling had fun using them!
Once she had figured out how to work them, Mummy told her which letter she needed and Darling would take it out for mummy to stamp on.
When Darling had helped to write congratulations on the front, Dervish helped mummy to write Garbriel George, 7lb9oz(and a quarter)
Grandad managed to take a better picture with Granny's camera.
After the children made the card (mummy forgot to take a picture of the final thing, oops) they played in the garden.
Dervish LOVES swinging on the swing in Granny and Grandads garden. He says 'gwrandad, come with me.' and take his hand to help him on the swing.
Darling took her turns too.
Both of them kept shouting 'Higher! Higher!!'

Then, just as mummy was saying it was time to go. Darling asked if she could have her teepee up. Mummy said there wasn't really time but Grandad put it up anyway.
Mummy said that he was spoiling Darling ;o)
The children even got cups of juice from Grandad! But Grabdad did it it Grandad stylee
Then mummy looked outside and Grandad was IN the teepee with the children!


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