Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Manic Mondays

Today we slept in really badly!
Everyone didn't wake up until after 8.30!!
So we had a crazy rush and dash to get to school on time, but wouldn't you know it, we made it!!

Mummy and Dervish nipped into town to buy plastic sheets for the childrens beds and some paper nappies for Dervish.
She has been putting Dervish in real ones for a few nights, but she is not so sure that the woollen wraps are stopping the wee from getting out a bit.

They went to the Noddles too, but they forgot to take me :o(

Then, Granny and Grandad called. They said they wanted to come out to do some more on the hall.
Mummy said that would be great, but she was then running around like crazy!?

They arrived just as we left to get Darling.
So when Darling got home, she got a lovely surprise!

Then we had to go back out again to go to our Music Class.
Darling took a picture of Dervish and I on the way there.
We got to play with some of the instruments!
At keast that is what Darling said they were. They looked like eggs to me?
Dervish didn't really enjoy music class today.
He was moaning to go home, half way through, again.
Mummy said she thought it was good that the classes were done for the summer now, she thought maybe Dervish needed a break from it all.

He was still really happy to get his hand stamps.
Though you wouldn't know he was happy by his face, but this is pretty much what he looked like throughout the class anyway.
While we were there, Darling asked mummy if she could go to her friends house afterwards.
She had to whisper it to mummy so that the mummy wouldn't feel bad if she wanted to say no.

But she didn't say no.
She said Yes!!

We had a lovely time there.
Dervish put me in a wheelbarrow
And then we went to the playhouse and had juice and snack.
Dervish had pestered mummys friend until she took him into the house and gave him some milk.

We didn't see much of the mummys for a while.
I think they were doing more of that talking that Mummy is so good at.
Still, she does seem happy when she is doing it so that is nice.

Whilst they were doing their talking, the girls and Dervish were all happy playing ouside on the swings and going up and down the chute!
The mummy's came out and helped the children with putting a jumper on the chute so that they would go even faster.
Soon there was a queue!
After that mummy started to pick Dervish up to eat his tummy, he really squealed!
So mummy did it to Darling too.
Soon the friends wanted their turn and mummy ended up showing their mummy how to pick the girls up so that you could get their tummies!
Then mummy had them up on one shoulder, so they had to each have a turn at that too!
It was really funny to watch!

Then it was time to go.
When the children got home, there was still time for playing, whilst mummy cooked some dinner.
Darling brought her horse in from the garden, where she had left it.
She started brushing its tail but then squealed really loudly that there was a bug.
Mummy said just to pick it out and throw it away, but Darling said she was frightened.
So Dervish came to her rescue!
He picked the little bug out and even let it walk on his hand!
He was very brave and a really good brother!
Mummy told him to put it outside, but ran for her phone so that she could take a picture of Dervish being so brave!
You can't tell but it was bigger than the picture shows it!
Not long after that, it was time for bed.

I guess we only got one lazy day then.

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