Friday, 24 June 2011

Thursday Already

We completely forgot to take any pictures on Wednesday, but we went to visit Granny and then we went to the Library.
Mummy wasn't in the school classes yesterday, she is gonna go in today though.
Here we are dashing out the door.
But when mummy got to the school, she was not really needed, so she had to go round all the classes asking if anyone had any need of her.
They didn't.
She said it was very embarassing.
Primary 2 took her in though and she got to do some reading with them again.
She likes Primary 2 a lot.
Mummy says one of the girls even sat in her lap.
Mummy wasn't sure if that was allowed but forgot to ask. She said the teacher saw it and didn't frown or anything so....

But they were going swimming at 1030 and had their break early at 1015, so mummy joined the teachers (just P1 and P2) in the staff room. It was nice to have a wee chat about things, she said.

Then she went to collect Dervish from Casper.
They took a wee walk to the Post Office.
Dervished moaned, loudly, all the way there and wouldn't speak to Jenny.
But he did, in the end, say some things and then said bye bye and Thank you.
Then he got to walk on the wall. But he didn't stay on for long.
After that is was a drive home so that we could all get lunch and then get Dervish back to Playgroup for his very last afternoon session.
Dervish was very happy to be left.
He gave mummy a big wave and then blew her a kiss.

Darling and mummy dashed off to go for their swim.
They said they had a great time, but Darlings friend didn't come this week either, so that was a shame.

When we got home Granny and Papa were in their Garden and, before mummy could stop him, Dervish was off for a visit.
Closely followed by Darling.
They stayed in Granny and Papas garden whilst mummy dug out all the weeds from our garden.
She said it was hard work but worth it and that the children were entertained in another garden was really good.
Papa said, again, that he was keen to take Dervish to the football when he was old enough. Mummy said she wouldn't mind in the slightest bit, if he wanted to do that.

Darling found a teeny tiny flower growing in the cracks of their garden.
So she took a picture.
Then she took one of Dervish.
Then Darling took pictures of All Granny's flowers!!
When the children came home, they had dinner whilst mummy did a bit of hoovering and tidying.
She cleared Darlings table so that we could organise all the pictures and stuff.
This is what was on that table!
It didn't take long, though, to clear it all out into Darlings pile and Dervish pile.
Now mummy has to put them into their folders but she says she will do it soon.

When the children were in bed mummy made more flowers
and finished off the bag that she will give to darlings friends mummy, for her holidays.
Mummy made a wee brooch for it too.

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