Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Slow Sunday

After a busy weekend of sleepovers and hectic Saturdays, we had a lovely lazy day today.
We got up quite early but we just played upstairs while mummy had a wee bit more sleep.
Then we went downstairs to play.
Darling didn't get dressed until after 11!
Then she watched teh Dragon film again. She really likes it.
We just played games in the afternoon with mummy.
Darling and Dervish played on mummy for a bit.
She does look like a good fun toy. When you jump on her you get thrown back off again. It really makes the children squeal!!
Then dinner.
After Dinner, cos they had been so good all day, Darling and Dervish got to share some sweeties.
Mummy was very proud of them cos they shared so well.
Then it was time for bed.
A nice lazy day.

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