Monday, 20 June 2011

Our First Saturday with no Daddy

It was a slow start.
We took ages to come down the stairs and mummy didn't open the curtains until after 10. the children got dressed about 11ish, I think.
Darling kept asking mummy if her friend coudl come round or if she could go tto his, even thought she had been told it was a home day.
Mummy eventually called his mummy but they didn't answer so Darling just had to have a home day with Dervish.

But they had good fun once they found the rocking horse.
Dervish helped darling to rock.
Darling decided that this was a riding hat.
Dervish had to wear it if he wanted to ride the horse.
The horse got hungry with all the playing
Dervish even let Darling try to do his hair. He sat very well for her whilst she fiddled about with his hair.
I think I would have squiggled about a bit more than he did.

Poor mummy had to do some ironing.
But after that she decided to iron the fabric drawings that we had made when Darlings friends came round, and then make them into bags.
It took most of the afternoon and the children just played all day, sometimes inside, sometimes out.

Sometimes they were in the middle of the kitchen under mummies feet!

When mummy made lunch, Dervish decided that he best place to eat it would be in the paddling pool in the back garden.
It didn't even have water in it and it wasn't even sunny, but Dervish still thought it was a good idea.
Darling decided to join him!
For a treat, Darling asked mummy for some ice cream in cones.
Mummy decided that, cos they were playing so well together, that that would be a great idea.
I think the children were VERY happy with mummy's decision!
Darling fell over the ironing table leg when she was running around, so she needed a cold cloth and a wee seat, Dervish gave her a cuddle.
Then Dervish fell and needed the cold cloth, can't remember how he hurt himself, but Darling came to sit next to him and play a game.

Then mummy helped Darling to get ready to draw another bag for her other Nursery teacher. So the table became a crafts table. This made mummy very happy!!
While Darling was painting her bag, Dervish played on the floor with her Toadstool Fairy House.
He kept pulling the door off, so mummy had to keep putting it back on again.
Dervish thought it was funny!
For dinner mummy made everyone a Corn on the Cob.
the children were VERY happy again.
Mummy decided that, again, cos they had been ever so good today at playing well together, that they could eat their Corn on the Cob in the living room and watch a film.
They liked that idea a LOT!!
While they were watching their film mummy decided that she would make a cake. Cos it is mummy's Birthday tomorrow, you know!
But she had to wait until they were finished their corn cos we needed some ingredients from the shop.
When we got back, Dervish decided to help mummy make her cake.
Darling took a picture.
Mummy gave Dervish the whisk to lick.
He got in a right old mess!
Mummy took a picture.
Then she had to take another one to show that the whole back of his hand was a mess too!
This is mummy's Birthday cake, with extra muffins!
After that, mummy got everyone ready for bed.
I think that me and the children had a nice relaxing day, but I am not so sure that mummy's day was very relaxed, but she did seem happy with her finished bags.
This is Darlings friends sisters bag.
It is a picture of her mummy, remember?
This is the one for Darlings friends mummy.
Mummy is particularly proud of this one. It has a lining ANd a pocket!
This is Darlings friends bag.
And this is Darlings bag.

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