Friday, 17 June 2011

Friday was Fun

Things calmed down once everyone got ready for Nursery, but we had to take the car Again!
I got left behind in the rush but when mummy and Dervish got home we all went outside and I watched Dervish playing on the hill, on his car.
He really likes going down the hill as fast as he can!
He uses his feet to stop him from hitting into things so can make it all the way down the hill now.
He kept crashing into the trampoline and it made him giggle.
Mummy thought it was really funny too!
So Dervish would do it again, as fast as he could to try to get mummy to laugh again.

Mummy was busy painting a chair, she thinks it looks so much better with a lick of paint.

We had a wee look on the computer after that cos mummy wanted to listen to some music she had heard on Radio Two yesterday, in the car.
She couldn't really make out what the presenter had been saying, it was either Carol, or Caro emero or emery, she couldn't figure it out. So we had a wee look on the Radio 2 website and, just as mummy was changing screens a picture came up and it was the lady! She had to click back quickly to try to see it again.
It turned out that the man had been saying Caro Emerald.
So the man's pronunciation was rubbish, mummy said.

Me and Dervish thought it was fabby music, we danced and bopped along, on the seat next to mummy.
But Dervish still wanted to hear his favourite song before we went to get Darling.

We went on the bike again, so that Darling could have a play in the play area before we came home.
She really loves running around after her friends. Today she was pretending to be an angry cat and was chasing Keenan about. It makes a change from Keenan chasing her pretending to be a police man, telling her she is bad.
Everytime she stopped, Keenan would come to her and tip her elbow to get her to chasing him again :oD

The children had lunch outside today, on a stripey rug. It was such a lovely sunny day!

In fact it was so hot mummy had to go and get hats for everyone!

Dervish was funny cos he put his hand into his mayo and had to lick it all off, but he got it on his face and said to mummy, 'Look at my Funny face!'

Everyone had a wee play and then we jumped back into the trailer to try to catch the Post Office. Mummy was a bit slow with the camera when she tried to get a pic of Darling handing the package over.

The lady in the post office said we were too late for todays post, if we wanted to catch it we would have to nip into town.
Mummy thought that might be a good idea and maybe we would get a treat of ice cream while we were in town.
We caught the post office delivery and then nipped to the library, cos mummy had some books to return that she forgot to take to the library bus.
I had fun with Darling, colouring in, whilst mummy had a wee look around.

Then we went to the ice cream shop. Darling chose Strawberry ice cream in a teddy cone, Dervish had Chocolate ice cream in a teddy cone.
They were practically finish by the time we got home!

The children played in the garden again until dinner was ready.

After dinner it was back out into the garden.
One of Darlings friends from Nursery popped his head over the wall of the house diagonal to us and Bernadette had a great time showing off for him!

Then he was called in for bed and so were Darling and Dervish.
They were all ready for bed, just in time for the bedtime story on Ceebeeies.

We read through my blog and then went upstairs to jump into bed.

Today was a bit more relaxed, but we were still all pretty busy.

No plans for tomorrow, so who knows what we will do :o)

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