Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sports day fun!

Poor Dervish did not sleep well last night.
He had to have mummy go to him in the night cos he was crying, but then he went back to bed.
At 1 in the morning he woke again, so mummy took him to sleep with her because he was inconsolable :o(
I don't know if either of them slept very well and Dervish decided it was wake up time at 5.30. He went for a poo and then started to sing and play in the hall.
Mummy had told him not to wake Darling so I think he thought he would just not go into her room but playing in the hall was ok.
Mummy had to go get him and take him back to bed telling him 'sleepy time'
It must have worked cos Darling woke mummy at 8 but Dervish was still sound asleep.

So today was another rush and dash, but we managed to get out ok.

Darling went to Nursery but I stayed with Dervish because he was going to Casper and I've not been there yet.
Dervish was a bit sad when mummy left, but he soon settled down and then we went for a walk to the post office and shop.
The lovely ladies that look after him, whilst mummy helps in school, took mummys phone and took some pictures for us.

They bought Dervish some sweeties. He was very happy and ate them on the way back to the school.

They took another picture from inside the Post Office too, but I think the lady pressed the wrong button.

Dervish and I had a lovely walk, when we got back to the Casper room we played until mummy came to get us.

We waited for Darling to finish Nursery then we all went home for lunch.
We had to be quick cos we had to get back to the school for Sports Day!!
It sounded very exciting!

We went to the school in the bike trailer! I can't remember the last time I got a shot in the bike trailer.

At school Darling and I went on ahead whilst mummy got Dervish out of the trailer, had a drink and caught her breath. By the time she stood up, Darling and I had been collected at the door and were being taken on round for the sports day.

We went through the school. I hadn't been there before, and into the hall where we waited with the rest of the school.

Mummy was waiting for us outside, along with loads of other people, when we came out.

We all lined up to race.
Then, Suddenly, I was taken from Darlings arms by her teacher.
Darling was very upset but I couldn't get to her. She didn't run that race and went to find mummy.
I was taken away with the teacher.
I was very sad :o(

But then Mummy, Darling and Dervish came and found me.
I had be left on the ground with someones elses toy so I was very happy when mummy picked me up and Darling gave me a cuddle.

She did the next game without me, Throwing the wellie, cos she was a bit happier now.

The next game was lots of fun too!

Then Look who came!!

It was really nice that Granny and Grandad came to see sports day! There was so much to do!
Dervish loved being in the thick of it all.
He was happiest walking if he took his friends hand.
And kept saying 'I go in 'my friends' car' 'I go to 'my friends' house'
Mummy, and his friends mummy, all kept saying that he could another day, but Dervish just kept on saying it hoping that they would change their minds.

The next game, with the parachute, looked like so much fun!

The beanbag game was funny to watch.

Everybody got a chance to throw the ball through the hoop. Darling managed it once.
Mummy had to hold Dervish back he was so desperate to have a turn.

But he got his turn when everyone in Nursery had had their turns.

The Monkey race was just the funniest looking race by far!!

It was the last race of the day though which was a shame.

We went for a wee play in the play area after.

Darling had a great time until someone got hurt and she was accused of hurting them. She got very upset cos she didn't think she had. Mummy was pretty sure that she had been nowhere near them at the time either. Another mum agreed but said it wasn't worth the fuss with the boy cos he has a habit of shouting.

Darling calmed down and played for a wee while longer but we went home not long after that.
We went home again in the bike trailer.

We took a wee detour to the garden centre where mummy bought some plants for the hanging baskets.
Then we went home and played in the garden.
Darling wanted to watch telly cos the sky looked a little black and scary, but the rain never came.
Mummy quickly cut the grass in case it did rain and we all had to have a tidy up so that she could.

Before mummy made dinner she remembered that there was a meeting tonight at the school so she had to call Granny and Grandad again to see if they would come out for a wee while.
Grandad said he would!
So, after dinner Grandad came out and mummy went to her meeting.

We stripped the hall wallpaper off with Grandad until mummy came home.
Then we waved Grandad off and went upstairs to get ready for bed.

I wonder if tomorrow will be a more relaxed day. We always seem to be so busy!!

Oh, by the way.
The Tumble Drier?
It is not a big hairdryer!
And it was Not nice >:o(

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