Thursday, 16 June 2011

How did the rest of Thursday go?

We went to Wick today!!
We went the car with mummy, it was quite a long way, Dervish and I nearly fell asleep.

We went into the centre of Wick first, 'For a wee look' mummy said.

Mummy likes going in for a wee look around the charity shops but it was Dervish and I that got the first bargain.
We found a Charlie and Lola DVD!!

Then mummy went upstairs to have a look at the clothes. We met one of mummies friends up there and they were chatting for Aaaages!

We finally got downstairs and Dervish gave the lady his new DVD.
It was only 50p!

We went into another charity shop after that, mummy had a look around whilst Dervish and I had a wee sit down. Mummy kept saying 'don't touch it!' I don't know what she meant but Dervish did keep looking at the little stereo on the floor.

When we came out of that shop Dervish spotted a shop he wanted to go into, it had a red sign above it.
He went straight to a big cupboard with a glass door and took out a red bottle. He was very excited, he wanted to open the bottle straight away but mummy said he had to wait until he had paid. She gave him some money, but then he had to wait again. Mummy said that it wasn't his turn yet.
When it was finally his turn. He stretched up really high to give the lady behind the counter his bottle and then his penny. I wondered why he gave her the bottle when he wanted it so much two seconds ago, but then she gave it back to him and she gave him More pennies!?

We walked back to the car after that. Well, mummy carried us cos Dervish was getting tired now.
Then we went, in the car, to a Big shop.
Mummy put us into a big basket on wheels. Dervish wanted to walk so he moaned a little but he soon stopped and just enjoyed his juice.
Mummy put lots of things into the big basket and spent a lot more money than she had intended but not on rubbish, she hopes.

After that we went to get Darling from school then came home for some lovely butterup squash soup.
We had to be quick cos Dervish had to go see Joan and Judith today!

I stayed with Dervish at Playgroup whilst Darling went for a swim with mummy.
She was going to meet her friend!

Darlings friend didn't make it, not sure why, but Darling said she had a great time all the same. She said she did lots and lots of diving to get things from the bottom. She kept saying 'Again! Again!'

I had a great time in Playgroup we did sticking and glueing and played with all the toys.
Dervish was so happy when mummy and Darling arrived. I didn't see them cos he had dropped me on the floor somewhere.
Mummy had a hard time getting him to stay still for a photo, I think people wondered why she was trying so hard.

When we got home mummy had to put the shopping away and the children played, but Dervish kept on going into the DVD drawers. Darling was trying to stop him or get one that she wanted, I am not sure which but the next thing I hear is a scream from Dervish.
Mummy came running through from the kitchen asking what had happened.
Darling said, 'I can't tell you.'
Dervish ran over to mummy holding his arm, so mummy lifted his sleeve to see if it had been jammed in the drawer when Darling said, 'He bit himself'
I knew straight away that he hadn't. No one bites themselves!!

Mummy was so angry, she asked Darling, 'Did you bite him?!' Darling started to cry and said 'Yes' Mummy was so angry at that that she smacked Darlings bottom and sent her to the naughty step.

Dervish needed a cold cloth and asked for a fozen yoghurt. He got both cos it must have been awful to have been bitten.
I don't think she bit too hard but still.....

After that mummy decided that Darling needed a wash and mummy wanted some peace, so she ran a bath for them both and they jumped in happily.
Darling had to be taken out because she was being naughty again. She was lifting her foot up, Dervish was saying, 'I don't like it' but Darling was doing it anyway.
After hearing Dervish say it 5 times, Mummy took Darling out.
Dervish came out soon after that cos it's no fun having a bath on your own.
he can get himself out of the bath, you know, cos mummy only knew he was out when she heard Darling talking to him as she helped him into his cosy.

It is odd that she does mean things then really nice things.

They came downstairs for dinner after that and sat at the table to have their lasagne. Mummy left them to it and, do you know, it is the best they have eaten their dinner yet!
They both finished the lot and came to say thank you to mummy.

Mummy decided that they could watch a little telly now, the DVD that Dervish and I bought today!
While they watched that, mummy went for a bath, cos swimming makes you all smelly.

After her bath mummy realised that she had to make Darlings bed, again. Cos she had peed, again!
She sent Darling downstairs to get the sheet but next thing she knows Dervish and Darling were playing outside. Only Dervish was Naked!!

They even had a wee chat with the neighbour who has the dog!

They came inside after that and everyone got ready for bed.

Another busy day!!

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