Sunday, 12 June 2011

Monkeys Adventurous Sunday

Well, Daddy went away this morning and we had a relaxing start to the day watching some DVDs that Darling and Dervish like loads!
Mummy was on the computer and found that there was a Strawberry Farm Open Day not too far away.
So they all decided that they would go to that after their showers, cos it was still early enough that they could. I waited downstairs. Not too keen on getting washed, always gives me a headache, can't think why Derish and Darling enjoy all that spinning about?

When they were finally ready we all piled into the car and got under way.

I thought we were on the way to a farm, but they stopped at a hotel?
Then came back with loads of Stuff.
Mummy was saying, 'Ooh, I am glad that we spotted that Car Boot Sale. Do you like your new dress up outfit Darling? And look at all those Bob the Builder trucks we got for Dervish.'
Odd, to find those things in a hotel, but hey.

We went to the Farm after that, parked up in the field and I thought we were on our way....
but no. Next thing, they are setting up a scarf on the ground?
Sitting down and having lunch

After our picnic we, finally went to the farm.
They gave us a quiz thing to do, to see if we could see things for every letter of the alphabet and a number game for the Tractors.
First we went to see the animals.

In the corner of the barn we saw some little baby pigs!
Darling thought they were very cute.

Then we went into the poly tunnels.
Mummy was really surprised to find that the strawberries were not on the ground!

Darling thought they were strawberry trees.
But they were actually on shelves, with wires to hold the leaves out of the way so that he Strawberries grew underneath.
Mummy thought it was very clever because it meant that the strawberry pickers wouldn't get sore backs.

We went into a blackberry tunnel after that. It was really nice and warm.

We bought some lovely strawberries and some nice jam stuff that goes on cheese.

But then Dervish got a bit fed up following Mummy and Darling about, so we went to see the tractors.
He moaned all the way to them. That he wanted to go home, or go to the car, or be picked up but as soon as he got into a tractor, this is what he looked like!

I got to have a turn too!
After Darling and I had finished the little quiz on which tractors were called what. It was fun. Darling was practicing her numbers but really she just wanted to play on the tractors!

When we were at the farm, Granny called to invite us to BBQ.
Mummy thought Burgers sounded good!

But they were at Nanty Nonkas, helping with her garden, so we went there first.
This is Darling on Nanty Nonkas new couch in her new pink dress up dress. She liked it so much she didn't take it off after this!

Dervish played with nandoo whilst everyone else was outside.

When nandoo went to get food for our BBQ we went to play in the Swing Park!
It was great fun.
Darling helped me up the slide and sent me down on my own.
It was great fun!!
Then we went onto the round about.
I had to hold on pretty tight.
Dervish and Darling liked it lots too.
Dinner at Granny's was really lovely but then we had to go home cos it was bedtime.
But Darling forgot me! :0(

I got a ride on Grandads motorbike!
That was fabby fun, we went so Fast!!
Darling was already in bed when I got home, so I popped my head around the door and waved at her to see if she was awake.
She was!!
Big cuddles for me.

What a lovely day.

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