Monday, 20 June 2011

Mummy's Birthday!

Dervish decided to get up at 630 this morning!
Mummy told him to go back to bed, but all he did was go and wake Darling up!
Because mummy told them not to go down the stairs, and they hadn't yesterday, mummy thought they would be good.
But Mummy heard them downstairs dragging chairs accross the room.
She came down to find darling trying to turn the telly on >:o(
She was not a happy mummy.
She sent us back upstairs and back to bed telling us not to make a noise.
Darling fell asleep again, but Dervish tried to wake her by singing, so mummy took him out of the room for 2 mins then sent him back to bed.
Everyone woke again at 830.
Mummy said that was a much more reasonable time to be getting up.

Mummy had lots to do this morning though, cos Granny and Grandad were coming round later and we had to meet Nanky Nonka at the pool at 11.

We were late, cos mummy had to hoover the hall, tidy the kitchen and the living room and then she thought she should just cook the mince so that she would not be all rushed later.

We made it to the pool by 1130.

The children had a great time swimming. Nanky Nonka was still cold, but she never really went under the water so mummy said it was little wonder.
She said mummy should get Dervish into the swim coat cos it would help him to swim better. She said he wasn't using his arms using the armbands.
Mummy thought it was a fair point.
Though Nonka did start saying that mummy ought to let air out of the wings first then changed tack.
Mummy reckons either way she was going to get the privilege of Nonkas higher wisdom.
Mummy says she just rolls her eyes.
I can't roll mine. They are stuck.

Nanky Nonka came back to our house after swimming, to give Grandad a Fathers day card and stayed for lunch, but all she ate was fruit.
Granny made her eat a little soup though.
Granny brought prawns and some dip dip for mummy (and everyone else) to eat.
Mummy was very happy!
Darling had another Corn on the Cob and Dervish had some of Granny's soup. He loved it!
Then we sang Happy Birthday to mummy and had some of her lovely cake!

(mummy thought it was a bit heavy and was disappointed. Especially as she had said to Nanky Nonka that it was the best cake ever) :o(
But the children liked it a lot cos they each had 2 pieces!

After lunch Granny and Grandad went back to the hall.
Nanky Nonka and mummy tidied the kitchen and then we went for a walk to the Garden Centre with Nanky Nonka.
Dervish found a great hiding spot at the till.
He loved it, but mummy couldn't catch his smile because he wouldn't stay still!
Darling thought she might have a go at hiding. She stayed still so mummy could take her picture though :o)
I thought I would like to have a wee go hiding. I sat Really well for mummy!

Dervish had walked all the way to the garden centre because mummy said if he did, he could go to the swing park on the way back.
On the way there he moaned and groaned, Nanky Nonka said that she didn't know how mummy coped, she would sort him out, she wouldn't be able to stand the noise. Mummy said that you pick your battles and that Nonka would just have to put up with it.
On the way back, Dervish did a bit of moaning but, the minute he saw the swing park, he practically started running!

The children had a great time.
Dervish shouted that he wanted to go to the 'bike'.
Mummy couldn't figure it out until he started running to it.
He was running to the roundabout.
I thought I would like to climb up on the climbing frame, but when I got high, I was too scared to get down.
Darling had to come get me.
Then we came home.
Nanky Nonka was heading home, she said to Granny that she hadn't intended to stay so long but had felt mummy needed the help to keep the children entertained.
Mummy said Thanks for staying, that she would have been fine, but that the company had been nice.

The mince mummy made earlier, before swimming, she had turne into bolognese after lunch with the intention of making lasagne, but the trip to the Garden Centre meant mummy had no time left, so it just turned into spaghetti bolognese.
Granny said it was very nice and Grandad had a second helping.
Darling and Dervish ate all theirs up, though Dervish did need a 2 minute visit to the naughty step for saying No, too much.

We had more cake, then we all sangs songs.
Wheels on the bus, Dervish favourite.
Incy Wincy, Darling wanted to sing it.
and a few others.
Granny and Grandad had a really lovely time, they said.

They went home just as the children got into their jammies.

When we went to bed, mummy decided to make a back for the garden seat.
She decided use her jammies as inspiration.
Then she drew it, only bigger, onto the material.
Then she will paint it with fabric paints.
I think it made mummy very happy to do this cos it was very late by the time she came in to give the children a kiss.

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