Saturday, 25 June 2011

Friday Fun

We are going to be busy today, Mummy says.

We all got ready to take darling to school, here we are in our usual dash, brushing our teeth on the stairs.
Dervish makes mummy laugh cos, as he brushes his teeth, his other arm jiggles about too!

When Darling came home from Nursery, mummy decided that we would make a bird feeder.
When we went to the garden centre with Nanky Nonka on mummy's birthday, Darling saw some bird feeders and thought she might like one. Mummy said that we would make our own.
It had been what we would have done on Tuesday if Darlings friend did not come round.
Mummy thought that that would be a good thing to do today.

So we went to look for leaves to make the roof.
They had to be big, mummy thought, so we looked for the biggest ones we could see.
Then Mummy started to make the feeder whilst Darling played inside.
But then Darling did come out to help Mummy. She looked around the garden for little flowers and leaves to decorate the feeder.
Then she pressed the flowers into the walls of the feeder.
Mummy decided that the walls were to high, so she cut a wee bit off the top.
Darling helped Mummy to prepare the base for the walls.
Whilst Darling and Mummy were working on this, Dervish was playing happily in the house, with is garage.
Or outside on the trampoline
Next, Mummy and Darling pressed the leaves they had found into clay.
Mummy cut them out and then figured out how to put them on the roof.
She said it was a bit fiddly.

While mummy was fiddling about with the roof, Darling was getting her bag ready to go for a sleepover at her friends house.
She decided that she needed
Change of Clothes (with a choice of either tights or socks dependent on the weather. That was mummy's idea)
and, of course, a snow white dress
and teddies, obviously
oh and a toothbrush

When we were ready to go, we called Darlings friends mummy and she said to meet her in the swing park, then we could all go to her house for dinner.
Here we are outside the park.
We thought we got there before them, so we played on the swings.
But it turned out that they were just at the other end of the swing park, having a chat with someone else.
But we found one another and Darlings friends big brother pushed Darling on the swing.
Dervish played on the little climbing frame for a bit
The children all played with all of the stuff at this playground. They really like this one.
It has so much to do !!
Mummy and her friend just talked and talked, they didn't play on anything.

When it was time to go, Darlings friend asked if Darling could come in his car.
So Mummy moved Darlings car seat over and we went in his car.
It was a nice car, I liked being in that one, for a change.

Mummy followed behind us, but we went a lot faster and got past a big old tractor thing, mummy got stuck behind it.
And, cos she wasn't follwoing us closely, she said she missed the exit. Twice!!
But she found us eventually.
We didn't miss her.
We were playing already!

Mummy's friend made some lovely maraconi cheese and talked some more.
We all had dinner together, even his big brother joined us.
Then we all played and watched telly. Dervish was right there playing with us all. He does love being a part of Darlings fun.

Mummy went home, after more talking.
Darling was fine for ages but then she suddenly started to feel upset cos mummy was gone.
I tried to give her a cuddle and her friends mummy talked to her, Darling started to feel a lot better and settled down to watch Peter Pan.

We had a really nice sleepover :o)

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