Monday, 20 June 2011

An easy Monday

We all slept in this morning, which mummy thought was lovely!
Darling and Dervish both got lovely morning hugs, it made mummy feel very happy to get one from both of them.

We had our normal rush and dash to get Darling to Nursery, then Dervish came home with mummy.
Mummy was Very busy doing lots of cleaning.
Granny and Grandad had made a lot of mess in the hall and mummy hadn't managed to clean the kitchen yesterday (well, it was her birthday) and the kitchen floor was like a birds cage.
It took mummy most of the morning to clean it all!
And she even managed to make two pots of soup.
One using the sweetpotato that Daddy left behind and one that used the last pepper, turning it into tomato soup.

Then we went to get Darling from Nursery.

When we got there she was asking to go to her friends house (actually one of her other friends was asking to come to her house, but her mummy said no).
Mummy talked to the boys mummy and hinted heavily, it took her ages to figure it out but eventually she offered that Darling would be welcome.
You should have seen how fast Darling ran off!

So Dervish and Mummy came home without Darling.
Mummy said Dervish could watch some telly as a treat because darling didn't come home and he had been asking to go get her since 1030!
He said he wanted to watch Tinkerbell!
Mummy said Are you sure? Not Ceebeebies?
No, Tinkerbell.

So here he is

When mummy finally sat down, after doing more chores, Dervish jumped on her and asked to fly

Dervish and mummy had some of the yummy soup.
Then Dervish asked for his Tinkerbell back on :0D

Mummy made some lasagne from the left over bolognese.
Then we all got ready to go get Darling.

Mummy ended up chatting to Darlings friends mummy for Waaaay longer than she meant to. But she enjoyed the chat and the children had a great time cos they got to play for longer.

We got home about 5.
Mummy asked Darling what she wanted for dinner and that we would have it in 20 mins or so, but Darling said, no I want it now please.
So we all had dinner at 5pm.
Some of mummy's fresh made soup and some flatbread toasties. Yum.
The children had a wee play outside, then did some colouring inside

Then they all had a bath and got ready for bed.
We did a lot less today but it still seemed to be a quick day.

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