Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Farm Tuesday

We had a much nicer morning today.
We all woke with plenty time to get to school. Mummy even had time to wash and dry her hair!

Today Darling was going on a trip with school!
Mummy thought she would like to go along with them, but she wasn't sure if they would let her And Dervish.
But they said, seeing as it was the last one, that it would be ok :o)

Mummy and Dervish went to the car, when the children were getting on the bus, but then Darling had to come in our car with us, cos there was no seats left on the bus. She was al ittle bit sad, but the teacher said that she would make sure that Darling got to go on the bus on the way back, so Darling was a bit happier.
Mummy tried to take a picture of the bus going past us, but it didn't really work.
When we got there we got to see lots and lots of animals.
These are not ostriches, the lady said, they are Rias (not sure if that is how it was spelt but it is how it sounds)
The children got to feed them.
The horses were in the same field and the children got to feed them too!
We walked down the lane to see the sheep after that, but Dervish didn't really see them cos he was slower and the cat kept doing bush bush to him.
It really made him giggle.
We walked back to see the ducks and the Geese then.
The children got to throw food for them but they didn't really come too close.
Then we went to see the pigs, Mummy took a picture, the mummy pig was really really big!
We went to see the alpacas after that.
The lady went into the field to feed them, we just got to look at them, but they did look really soft.
Dervish only wanted to hold one hand and that boy didn't want to hold his. Dervish tried having a wee chat with him but I don't think it worked.
The children each got a turn to put some chicken feed into a bucket.
Even Dervish got a shot.
Then they carried them to the really big chicken coop.
Everyone got the chance to feed the chickens!
After we had fed the chickens, we went to the garage and sat on blankets.
I thought we were going to get snack here which I thought was a bit funny cos it was a lovely sunny day outside.
But then the lovely ladies who own the farm had wee baby chickens and ducks and we were allowed to pat them.
Well, I wasn't, cos I am a monkey, but Darling did and so did Dervish, but he was funny cos he just giggled and pulled his hands away. Mummy had to hold them steady so that the poor wee chick wouldn't fall down.
Then we DID have snack, but this time it was on the blankets Outside.
Really nice.

A lovely lovely morning!

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