Saturday, 25 June 2011

Busy busy Saturday

We woke up at 630 this morning, after getting to bed quite late.
But we were woken by Pharnell talking to Darling.
He left us to it for a little while but Darling decided that she wanted to get up anyway.

We had porridge for breakfast and then watch Peter Pan again.

Then Darlings friends mummy thought we should meet with mummy and go for a swim.
She said we would be leaving soon, but Darlings friend thought we had enough time to dress up.
His mummy squealed when she saw us!
She didn't think we had enough time and helped Darling to ge out of the Buzz Lightyear outfit and back into her tights and skirt so that we could jump into the car to go get Mummy and Dervish.
They were haing a slower day cos it was quite late before Dervish got to bed too.
Lots of lovely cuddles and mummy milk.

Darling had a great time swimming.
The pool in Wick has fancy float things that you strap around your tummy so that you have a shark fin on your back.
Darling had a really good time swimming with her head under the water so that she looked like a shark attacking!
Dervish wasn't having so much fun. He wanted to go into the little pool, but mummy kept saying no, cos it is freezing!
Eventually they did go through though, but mummy was just so cold she kept asking Dervish to back into the big pool.
They did, but not for very long cos I think everyone was getting a bit fed up now.
Well, everyone but Darling, who would swim forever if she could !!

They had a lovely shower and got all washed ready to go for some lunch.

Lunch was fun but Dervish got a sore tummy and needed a poo, but it was all the way up the stairs.
Mummy had to take him and Dervish felt a lot better once he had been.
Mummy had a wee look in the fabric shop cos she has a new project she wanted to get fabric for.
A new lunch bag for Darling.
We were all waiting for mummy back at the car.
Then we nipped up to Argos cos mummys friend wanted to see if they had something she needed.
We all waited in the car for her.
Then we drove to Tesco cos Darling needed another pair of shoes. She has ruined her new ones already. They can't have been very strong cos Darling hasn't had them long.
Darling is not sure if they are the ones she wanted, really she wanted more princess shoes but Mummy thought these spotty ones would be better for the summer.
When we were finished getting our shopping we waited outside for Darlings friend.
Being in the truck thingy was good fun.
Darling put me in the drivers seat so that I could have a wee shot.
The boys fell asleep on the way home, but Darling and I stayed awake, just.
Dervish woke up when Mummys friend took his seat out of the car. Mummy thought he would fall asleep on the couch, but he just wasn't sleepy anymore!
Darlings friend was very sleepy though and couldn't say goodbye, which was a shame but I was suprised Darling wasn't as sleepy!
Mummy said goodbye and thank you to her friend for letting Darling have her sleepover.

Darling and Dervish had a wee play in the house while mummy put some things away and a wash on.
Then she started to put new powder into the tin, but it wasn't long before the children wanted to have a go too !

After that we all had a wee play and then it was suddenly dinner time.
We had a wee chat with Daddy and then we had dinner in front of the telly.
The children don't eat very much when the telly is on though.

Mummy got everyone into jammies so that they might get an early night but, somehow, it ended up not being any earlier at all.
So mummy told Darling that, when she woke she had to think that it was too early and to go back to sleep for longer.
I wonder if Darling will go back to sleep in the morning or not.

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