Monday, 13 June 2011

Mondays are busy!!

I went to School today!
But it was a bit of a rush and dash in the morning. Mummy seemed to think it wasn't so much of a rush as normal but everyone was still brushing their teeth at the bottom of the stairs instead of in the bathroom.

odd folk.

It was not nearly as nice out today as it had been yesterday. Yeuchy horrid rain. So I got to have a go in the car again.

Nursery was fun today. Darling was quite excited cos she was going to bring her friend home with her today, but just for a hour before we went to Music class, she said.
We only got to play for a wee while before we had some lunch.
Darlings friend ate his up So Quickly, while Draling took just Aaages!
Dervish was being quite horrid, shouting about nothing so much so that he ended up out on the naughty step cos he made mummy so angry. He did come back in eventually and then he ate his lunch by stuffing the lot into his mouth.
I reckon could do that with Bananas no problem, but it was a bit gross.

Music class was really good fun.
Lots of great things to do. Singing, throwing scarves about, rattly eggs and clacky sticks.
I really enjoyed it.

Especially when the teacher let me play with the drum, even when the class was finished.

Darling looks so funny in the pictures, but I was having a great time!

Dervish took another huff though :0(
This time over butterflies. He wanted one type, but he only really wanted the one that Darlings friend had.
So he started to shout and scream and had to be taken out. Then he came back in but he was still shouting. Next thing I know he had his boots and coat back on and he was being taken away.
Darling was a bit upset, cos she thought mummy was going home, but the nice teacher and her friends mummy told her that mummy would only be out for a short while.
Mummy did come back in, just in time for the lullaby song and we all had a really nice hug.

When we got home Dervish went straight to bed, mummy thought maybe he was tired. He has a doctors appointment for tomorrow at 910 to see about his red lips, so maybe the doctor will give mummy an idea why Dervish is being a bit of a poo.

As soon as Dervish was in bed, two more of Darlings friends arrived with their mummy.
We had a great time painting.

Mummy bought some fabric so that we could do fabric painting. She says she will make them into bags for all the Nursery teachers.
But the other mummy thought maybe her eldest girl would prob not want to part with hers.

Here are their pictures.

This is Darlings

This was her friends

This was her friends little sisters (it is a picture of their mummy)

And then Darlings mummy decided that they should do some hand prints, cos the girls mummy hinted really heavily that she would like one, hehe
Here it is.

The butterflies are each made up using one hand from each of the two girls for the two wings. A joint effort all round.

It was really great fun.
Dervish slept through the whole thing, even when the girls went upstairs to play and they were not quiet at all.
Mummy had told them not to worry cos Dervish ought to be up anyway.
But he didn't wake up with any of that.

Eventually, when the friends left, mummy went up, opened the curtains and lifted the covers gently from Dervish.

Dervish woke up on his own and was in a really good mood.
Especially cos he heard the theme tune for 'Grandpa in my Pocket'

Now we are having a TV dinner whilst mummy does something on the computer.

I wonder if tomorrow will be as busy?

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