Friday, 24 June 2011

Friendly visiting Tuesday

We have a friends visiting today, we hope.
Darlings friends daddy said that his little girl could come round today, but it is the friend who didn't make it the last two times we tried so Darling is not too excited this time. Mummy has other plans, if she doesn't make it, that Darling is excited about.

While Darling was a Nursery, mummy finished of her project of the outside chair.
She was nearly finished painting it yesterday, so she did the last little bit and, when it was dry, re-attached it to the chair that she had painted.
Dervish jumped straight on!!
Mummy is very pleased with it (even though the flowers go round the side a little, which she hadn't expected).
Darlings friend DID come home with us!
She was very excited to push dervish in his pram!
They played in the play area before coming home though.
They all had a really fun time!
Dervish loves chasing after them all.

On the way home, Darling found a big branch. She held it up for mummy and said, Look mummy! A bird foot!
Mummy thought that was clever thing to think, so she took a picture.

Darling and her friend had a fun playing in Darlings bedroom and then they all came down for some beans on toast.
It was Darlings friends idea, on the way home she had said to mummy, I like Beans, And carrots.
Mummy thought it was an odd combination ;o) but thought maybe beans on toast would be good.
Dervish was finished his in record time! and even had a second helping of beans!

Darlings friend couldn't decide what she wanted to do first!
She was in and out like a yo yo.
But she was very nice cos she played with Dervish outside just as much as she did with Darling inside.
At one point Darling was sad because her friend wasn't playing with her, but mummy explained that it was because her friend was just so excited to be in a new house, she didn't know what to do first!
Next time would be better. But wasn't it nice that she was playing with Dervish too?
Darling agreed that it was nice and ther her friend was a nice girl.

They did play with the train track together, once Darling had made one up though. I think she just didn't want to make the track up but once it was made, it looked like fun.

Then we spotted the cat outside.
In Dervish pram!
He looked very happy and cosy.
The girls wanted to give him a stroke and a cuddle.
Then Darlings friends Mummy and Daddy came to take her home.
After that Darling worked on the train track until it was HUGE!
So big Mummy couldn't get it all into the picture!

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