Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Terrible Tuesday

Today did not start well for mummy.
We were all downstairs watching our DVDs again, Darling does like them and now Dervish follows her down so quietly they don't even wake mummy up.
Today mummy was woken up by Darling telling her that Dervish had spilt milk on the floor.

Mummy had to dash down the stairs to clean it up before she had even woken up.

When she got there the place was a mess!

Then they had to take Darlings bed apart cos she had peed in it the night before, but mummy only found out when she gave Darling her night time cuddle.
Darling had had to sleep at the other end of the bed, it was kinda fun.
But now Darling had to get all her toys off, and the covers so that mummy could wash them all.

Then we had to get ready for school and eat our breakfast and it was all a horrid rush and dash and we had to take the car Again!
And I didn't get to go. My other monkey friend did though. He was very happy.

Dervish and I stayed at home, mummy did some tidying up (the biggest pile of washing I had ever seen!!) whilst we watch telly.

Dervish Loved the Tweeenies!! He was dancing so much mummy couldn't get a good picture, but you can see how happy he was.

Then Dervish and Mummy walked to school to get Darling because her friend was going to come for a play this afternoon. Mummy arranged it yesterday.

But they came home alone?
The little girl didn't come in to school that day.
She hadn't gone to school the last day mummy invited her over either, funnily enough.
Mummy says she won't try to invite her again.

So mummy had let Darling and Dervish play in the play area so that she would be happier.
Unfortunately one of the Casper people were playing a game of sharks and Darling got so scared that she cried, so it didn't really work.

The rest of the day was nice and relaxed, we had lunch in front of the telly as a treat for Darling.

Then Granny and Grandad Pain turned up!!
Darling and Dervish were Very Happy!!
They didn't stay long though and after they were gone we played at sliding down the stairs on our tummies. It was great fun.
It made us all giggle!

Then we had dinner at the table cos no-one ate much at lunch time. The telly had been too good.
They ate their dinner really well so they got a treat afterwards of the strawberries we got at the farm on Sunday!
Dervish doesn't like fruit though, so we got to turn it into smoothies.
The children cut up bananas and strawberries and mummy added orange juice and ice cubes.
When she turned it on and it was so LOUD!!
Dervish thought it was great!!

We made some ice lollies out of them but mummy says we can't eat them until they are frozen ;0(

After that mummy watered all the plants in the greenhouse and the children played outside.
Then mummy ran a bath for them.
I just sat at the end cos I didn't want to get wet.

Dervish had other ideas and pulled me in.
Darling was very upset :o(
But Mummy said I could go in the tumble drier. I wonder if it is like a great big hairdryer?

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